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Newsflash: British Medical Journal 2006 ADMITS…


Omega-3 is NOT a Cancer or Heart-Disease Preventive

In the most comprehensive review to date, published in British Medical Journal (Hooper, Lee, et al., “Risks and benefits of omega 3 fats for mortality, cardiovascular disease, and cancer: systematic review,” prepublication reference: BMJ, doi:10.1136/bmj.38755.366331.2F (published 24 March 2006)), 96 trials, including 44 trials with supplements and 5 trials consisting of mainly ALA (parent omega-3) from plants with the remainder being fish oil, confirms what we have been saying for years:

• “Neither RCT’s [randomized clinical trials] nor cohort studies [estimated omega-3 consumption and related clinical outcomes] suggested increased risk of cancer with higher intake of omega 3, but clinically important harm could not be excluded.”

• “We found no evidence that omega 3 fats had an effect on the incidence of cancer and there was no inconsistency.”

• “This systematic review assessed the health effects of using omega 3 fats (together or separately) on total mortality, cardiovascular events, cancer, and strokes in a wide variety of participants and found no evidence of a clear benefit of omega 3 fats on health.” (emphasis added)

Life-Systems Engineering Science Analysis: this was an exceptionally outstanding analysis of existing studies. The authors state omega-3s worthless alone in preventing cancer and heart disease in spite of the popular recommendations. Furthermore, the authors warn us of the potential danger of overdosing on omega-3 in the doses being recommended!

This news gives you the reason for these studies’ failures; the potential problems with fish oil supplementation and consumption is much more complex than the issue of carcinogenic content of the fish, i.e., mercury toxicity, alone. Current recommendations do not take into account human physiology and biochemistry.

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