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Carbohydrates Make You Fatter

Here’s an excellent quote from “Textbook of Medical Physiology”:

An excess of carbohydrates in the diet not only acts as a deterrent to fat-burning but also increases the fat in the fat stores [making you fatter].

That’s a double negative whammy!


Eat too manycarbs and, as the medical textbook “Basic Medical Biochemistry” clearnly tells us, lots of saturated fat will be made from them. Few of us understand that carbohydrates make saturated fat right IN THE BODY. That’s right, your body makes saturated fats from the carbohydrates you eat. However, eating saturated fat DOESN’T go to stored saturated fat in your body or even in your arteries.

Want to learn more about this mechanism and how we use it to stay lean for life?

Check this out —> “The 24-Hour Diet” by Brian Scott Peskin. <— this will show you how.
Pick up a copy from http://www.brianpeskin.com and see for yourself.

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