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Misunderstanding Mitochondria

On Professor Peskin’s Facebook Fanpage, a fan writes:


First, let me say I love your work and have implemented your plan; however, I ran across this statement: However “recent evidence now supports that mitochondria are not dysfunctional in
cancer cells and they contribute to the energy production like they do
in normal cells.” On this website http://onkocet.eu/en/pro…dukty-detail/15/. You will find the quote right next to Otto Warburgs picture. The author of the the page cites a couple of sources and provides the links. What do you think? Was Warburg wrong?

Here is Professor Peskin’s reply:

Hello Laura,

Thank you for writing, and I am delighted to hear you are also having success with the science I have shared with people around the world.

Yes, I have have seen this information before, and in “The Hidden Story of Cancer” (appendix pp 514-519) there is a major discussion on this experiment and others that you may be interested in reading to have a better understanding re. what is really being said. A lot of the science is “technospeak” and complex to those not in the industry, so I have explained it in an easy to understand way.

As is often the case, current researchers regularly misunderstand the Warburg results, or they misquote him, or misrepresent his findings.

For example, Warburg always stated the significant factor in cancer was the high RATIO of fermentation to respiration (p518).

In 1968 an extraordinary physician Joseph Gold, M.D., looked at precisely the same metabolic pathway to kill the cancer cells and prevent cachexia (severe metabolic wasting that ultimately kills many cancer victims), so this is not really “recent” as the authors in that website suggest.

The mitochondria ARE IMPAIRED irreversibly;

It is also important to understand that in the experiment cited on the page you mentioned, the researchers apparently gave a DRUG to the cells and FORCED a change in output of the cells — This was absolutely UNNATURAL. It would be akin to putting a gun to a handicapped person’s head and making them run or kill them …..you may get a response temporarily but NOT on its own without the forcing of the cell to perform unnaturally by inducing a drug that does not occur naturally under such circumstances.

To understand this and more in greater detail, read “The Hidden Story of Cancer” at http://www.brianpeskin.com and pick up your own self-defence mechanisms in the “War Against Cancer” that has been pretty much unsuccessful for decades due to so many researchers either not knowing or not understanding the science of Dr. Otto Warburg.

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