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The 100 Trillion Cell Membranes in Your Body Contain 50% Fat

That’s right. Natural fat is critical to every cell in your body. In order to remain healthy, you need to eat fat daily and the medical science below proves it.

In the previous note we talked about an article written by Jane Brody of the New York Times. In the same article, Dr. Willet from Harvard University’s School of Public Health, stated that:

“The total percentage of total fat in our diet probably doesn’t make much of a difference. It’s about time we discard that recommendation altogether and focus on what is really important: the type of fat.”

Unfortunately, too few heard about or acted on this insightful message. The problem with nutritional recommendations regarding fat is that all types of fat are lumped together and incorrectly termed “bad”.


It is only a particular type of fat, the harmful man-made processed transfats, including partially hydrogenated oils, which need to be minimized. Transfats are found in margarine, hydrogenated peanut butter, and thousands of foods, including may frozen entrees, etc. While it is good news that transfats are being banned, they are being replaced with adulterated fats that are as bad, if not worse.

The low-fat, high-carbohydrate eating experiment that has been perpetuated on the entire American population over the past 50 years has caused most Americans to obtain completely inadequate amounts of the parent essential oils the body requires and craves from food.

NEWSFLASH: The nutritional field doesn’t change recommendations based on the latest scientific findings!

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