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Why don’t more physicans use this information?

I am frequently asked how come the docs don’t know this information that I share in my books, publications, and talks. The best reason that I can offer is that most physicians are over-whelmed treating patient’s symptoms. Think about it: Years ago there was no Type II diabetes; years ago men in their 30s didn’t get heart attacks while today it’s common. Over 50% of us contract cancer – the average person contracts cancer today. Over 60% of us are overweight. The list goes on and on.

Almost everyone we know is sick. Physicians are overloaded with patients, and they can’t be expected to adequately understand this information; physicians simply don’t have time for it and it isn’t their fault, so YOU have to learn the correct information on your own or suffer the consequences.

Physicians have had very difficult educations. They had many medical textbooks to read quickly. Many of these I have also read. The difference is that it may have taken me a year to review and understand a textbook, whereas doctors in training had just three months to study the material and were tested with questions that emphasized treatment of symptoms without adequately understanding the body systems.

Many people think physicians understand much more than they do, but that is not their job. Physicians treat symptoms. Think of the physician as the REPAIR SHOP, not the engineer who designed and understands the system. A repair shop can fix a problem based on what the design engineers tell them. But without the engineer to clarify the way the systems function and interrelate, the car breaks again and again and will never run correctly.

In contrast, my education was in physics and engineering. Beyond learning the engineering within my discipline, I understand the general principles of engineering. Engineers are 100% accountable. We can’t make mistakes or buildings would routinely collapse, televisions would sporadically blow up, and mobile telephones would never work at all. With this understanding I am able to apply these same principles to nutrition and the human body.

My goal has always been to understand why a system is breaking and how to permanently fix it and prevent it from breaking again. Therefore, I collaborate with physicians who understand that if I do my job, I will ultimately help them do theirs.

If you pick up either of my books, “The 24-Hour Diet” or “The Hidden Story of Cancer”, as you read the material and discover for yourself this new information, make sure that you look at the references. We want you to see exactly where the information comes from and be aware of its scientific sources.

Spend some time searching some of the references online and reading through them. Once you understand the “language” of the science through my explanations it will help you to see that everything we discuss is based on science, not opinion. And that makes all the difference in the world.

To pick up your copy of either of the books mentioned above, please visit http://www.brianpeskin.com.

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