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Matters of the Heart

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Cancer of the heart rarely occurs. Why? You will likely be told it’s because heart cells don’t reproduce (divide). This is not the reason. You need to know that, of the extremely small number of cases that develop, heart cancer mainly occurs on the right side of the heart. The right atrium is where deoxygenated blood from the veins (containing lower amounts of oxygen) re-enters the heart and is then pumped back to the lungs.

Is this only a coincidence? Or does the fully oxygenated blood entering the left side of the heart (left atrium) protect the heart from cancer with its higher oxygen content while the right side, less protected, is therefore more susceptible to cancer attack?

This is something to think about, and, as I talk about in my book “The Hidden Story of Cancer”, is consistent with Dr. Warburg’s seminal prime cause of cancer discovery.

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Phytates are Mineral Magnets, or “Was Popeye a Propaganda Tool?”

February 27, 2010 Leave a comment

Iron and other minerals required for cellular respiration aren’t usable by humans if they are ingested in plant or vegetable foods, because plants contain phytates. Phytates biochemically lock up the minerals with the plant fiber, rendering them unusable. This makes minerals, as well as the fiber, UNUSABLE BY HUMAN cells. That’s why it was shown, and reported in the “Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 2000,71:446-471,” that WOMEN EATING THE MOST FIBER AND THE LOWEST AMOUNT OF FAT HAD 20% LOWER CALCIUM RETENTION.

Eating meat did NOTHING to increase colon cancer risk. Yet this shocking result hasn’t been reported in the popular press. “Fiber fiction” has run rampant in America for many years.

An exceptional article was written for the general public in 1997 by “Albion Research Notes – A Compilation of Vital Research Updates on Human Nutrition”, Albion Laboratories, Clearfield, UT (Vo.. 6, No. 2, June 1997). Here is what it said:

“Natural sources of fiber, such as cereals and fruits, generally have a DEPRESSING EFFECT on absorption of minerals such as calcium, iron, zinc, and copper.” Imagine taking mineral supplements and still going into a negative balance for the very minerals that are being supplemented! Too few of us saw this important paper.

Minerals can’t be separated from the fiber in human digestion so, because you aren’t a cow with four stomachs designed to accomplish that difficult task, you can’t make effective use of the minerals in plants. “Consumer Reports on Health” reported on this – in fact, the magazine actually published the statement that eating spinach was worthless for obtaining necessary iron. It’s “in there” but not usable for a human being.

We keep getting misled with what sounds good, but isn’t based on science.

Phytates TAKE OUT MINERALS (the respiratory co-enzymes Dr. Warburg speaks of) – JUST THE OPPOSITE of what we desire and require to avoid contracting cancer.

Think of fiber as bad “mineral magnets”, removing the precious minerals from your body and inhibiting oxygen transfer through the blood, whereas EFAs are the good “oxygen magnets”, helping bring an abundance of needed oxygen into your cells.

So… was Popeye created by the farming lobbyists wanting to brain wash us into believing that spinach would give us energy?

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WARNING: Fish Oil Increases Platelet Aggregation!

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So many people are still confused by the belief that fish oil is good for you. It isn’t!

And just to remind you once again, I thought I would share with you this quote from researchers published in The New England Journal of Medicine (all the way back in 1986):

“…In patients with atherosclerosis, prostacyclin biosynthesis…fell [decreased] by a mean [average] of 42 percent during the fish-oil period.”

What does this mean in real-world English? Hang onto your hats, here comes a doozy…

Life-Systems Engineering Science analysis: For those of you who have read my books, you may recall prostacyclin (PGI2) is the body’s natural blood thinner and keeps platelets apart naturally. The last thing a heart disease patients needs or wants is a reduction in this critical substance. CVD (cardiovascular disease) patients require MORE, NOT less PGI2 as decrease will significantly increase their risk of heart attack.

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Reference: Knapp, H, et al., “In vivo indexes of platelet and vascular function during fish-oil administration in patients with atherosclerosis,” The New England Journal of Medicine, Vol. 314, April 10, 1986, No. 15, pages 937-942.

Carbohydrate Overload

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How many carbohydrates do we need each day?

The answer is (drumroll please…)



Thats right: NOTHING.

Let me repeat that:


The book “Nutrition for fitness and sport” by Melvin H. Williams answers this. From what the nutritional experts, the government, and physicians have told us for decades, we would expect the answer to be “lots of carbohydrates”, but it isn’t. In fact, the answer is shocking:

“The body can adapt to a carbohydrate-free diet and manufacture the glucose it needs from parts of protein and fat.”

Dr. Williams uses the word “adapt”, to a minimum carbohydrate diet. I maintain a minimum carbohydrate is your body’s NATURAL STATE and it’s unnatural state is carbohydrate overload. Everyone has it backwards.

How much carbohydrate is in you?

“Student Companion for Stryer’s Biochemistry” makes it clear: ONLY A MERE 1% OF TISSUE WEIGHT IS CARBOHYDRATE. Almost nothing!!

A high carbohydrate diet makes no scientific sense unless you want to fatten yourself up like cattle before the slaughter. Always remember, science relies on facts, not feelings. While it may sound good to have a diet high in fruits, vegetables and whole grains, it makes no scientific sense, given how our bodies operate.

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Margarine vs Real Butter

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The Professor’s NEWSFLASH!

Prior to the advent and huge rise in margarine (and other hydrogenated oil) use:

• Death rates from Heart Disease & Cancer were at only 3%.

• Obesity was at only 5%.

• Diabetes was practically nonexistent!

The strong case against margarine:

Eating margarine (and other trans-fats), not getting enough of the critical healthy essential oils (EFAs), along with high sugar consumption and lack of sufficient protein in our diets has caused an epidemic of disease and ill health in this country and around the world. Margarine plays a key role in our deteriorating health because it is unnatural – our bodies are not designed to use it. A plastics engineer would call margarine “plastic food,” – meaning that margarine’s molecular structure resembles a low-grade plastic. Margarine is not real food by any stretch of the imagination. If you leave margarine sitting out, no insect will touch it and it won’t spoil. They seem to know better than us what is edible and what isn’t.

Margarine contains a tremendous amount of harmful distorted EFAs called trans-fatty acids.1 Hydrogenation is the chemical addition of hydrogen to another chemical. When applied to oils, the process turns the healthy essential oils into dangerous trans-fatty acids, which are very unhealthy for humans.2 The process of hydrogenation requires a metal catalyst, like nickel, and is stopped when the margarine looks butter-like, without regard to the unnatural fat by-products, which have been produced.3 These by-products include trans-fatty acids, lipid peroxides and other potentially toxic compounds. Some large studies have been published, which suggest that ingestion of trans-fatty acids is considered a risk factor for heart disease.4 In 1956 Lancet published a 16-page article warning physicians of its dangers but few listened.

Trans-fatty acids can block the body’s ability to use healthy Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) in the production of eicosanoids and they lessen the transfer of the life-giving nutrient, oxygen, across cell membranes.5 Sufficient transfer of oxygen is crucial for cellular health, prevention of cancer, energy, and a healthy immune system.

In 1939, The American Journal of Cancer published that eating trans-fats produced cancer when skin was exposed to ultra-violet rays. Your skin needs unadulterated parent omega 6 EFAs (it contains NO omega3), but most people have been consuming trans-fats or excessive amounts of omega 3 instead, so their skin (and other tissues) are deficient in EFAs, causing it to be susceptible to UV rays that can lead to the development of cancer. It is important to understand that your skin doesn’t utilize omega 3 EFAs (like in fish or flax oils), which is one reason why I recommend a formula with a higher balance of organic, cold-pressed “parent” omega 6 than omega 3.

It is difficult to get undamaged parent omega 6 oils in your diet. Despite what you may read from popular health publications and “professionals” about omega 6 oils, ALL of my research clearly shows that nearly every bit of omega 6 in the foods we eat has been damaged in one fashion or another so that we absolutely need to get it in a high-quality supplement. The balance of parent omega 6 and 3 is crucial as well. Simply taking flax oil (I NEVER recommend fish oil – because it is excessive in harmful omega 3 derivatives) is not enough. Flax is excessive (unbalanced) in omega 3, and without enough unprocessed omega 6 there will be an imbalance. It is nearly impossible to avoid all trans-fats, so the best way to ensure your cells get the good oils you need is to take a high-quality supplement.

You can also expect vision-related problems when you consume too many trans-fats in your diet.6 This is because your eyes are supposed to contain healthy EFAs, but are getting the distorted oils instead. Studies show that the trans-fatty acids we eat do get incorporated into brain cell membranes, including the myelin sheath that insulates neurons. They replace the natural DHA in the membrane, which affects the electrical activity of the neuron. Trans-fatty acid molecules disrupt communication, setting the stage for cellular degeneration and diminished mental performance.7 This shows that EFA deficiency likely plays a key role in mental and emotional disorders from children to the elderly.

Researchers have found that trans-fats are more detrimental to the ability of blood vessels to dilate, a marker for Heart Disease risk. “This suggests that trans-fatty acids increase the risk of heart disease more than the intake of saturated fats,” concluded the scientists at Wageningen University in the Netherlands. It suggests that if French fries were cooked in saturated fat instead of in hydrogenated vegetable oils, they would probably be safer.8 It is important to note that even though margarine is promoted as “heart-healthy,”

The Professor’s NEWSFLASH!

Margarine eaters have twice the rate of heart disease as butter eaters.9

The actual numbers will prove to be much greater.

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2010 Newsflash: Saturated Fat Does NOT Cause Heart Disease!

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Real-Life Results: Saturated Fat is Healthy, NOT Harmful!

Background: “A reduction in dietary saturated fat has generally been thought to improve cardiovascular health.

Conclusions: A meta-analysis of prospective epidemiologic studies showed that there is no significant evidence for concluding that dietary saturated fat is associated with an increased risk of CHD or CVD.”

Life-Systems Engineering Science Commentary: The truth, completely consistent with physiology and biochemistry, is once again published, if anyone cares to look.

Consuming saturated fat does not cause heart disease!

So enjoy that steak, and everything good that goes with it!!

Reference: Siri-Tarino, PW, et al., “Meta-analysis of prospective cohort studies evaluating the association of saturated fat with cardiovascular disease,” Am J Clin Nutr doi: 10.3945/ajcn.2009.27725

Adenosine Triposphate = Adenosine Triphosphate. Or Does it?

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In his research on the mechanism of cellular energy production difference between normal cells and cancerous cells, Dr. Warburg poses a most important question: Why does fermentation cause cancer cells to dedifferentiate and lose intelligence? Or to put it another way, why are the body cells dedifferentiated when their respiration energy (produced in the presence of oxygen) is replaced by fermentation energy (produced in the absence of oxygen)?

At first, one would think that it is immaterial to the cells whether they obtain their energy from respiration or from fermentation, since the energy of both reactions is transformed into the energy of adenosine triphosphate, and yet adenosine triphosphate = adenosine triphosphate. This equation is certainly correct chemically and energetically, but it is incorrect morphologically because although respiration takes place for the most part in the structure of the grana (mitochondria), the fermentation enzymes are found for a greater part in the fluid protoplasm. The adenosine triphosphate synthesized by respiration therefore involves more (cell) structure than adenosine triphosphate synthesized by fermentation.

Thus, it is as if one reduced the same amount of silver on a photographic plate by the same amount of light, but in once case with diffused light and in the other with patterned light. In the first case, a diffuse blackening appears on the plate, but in the second case, a picture appears; however, the same thing happens chemically and energetically in both cases. Just as the one type of light energy involves more structure than the other type, the adenosine triphosphate energy involves more structure when it is formed by respiration than it does when it is formed by fermentation.

IN OTHER WORDS, normal cell respiration takes place in the presence of a more differentiated cell structure; cancer cells’ respiration of fermation involves less structure.


This gets a little complicated here so you can read further (with real life examples) in “The Hidden Story of Cancer” ( ).

Let me present you with an excellent example showing how all energy isn’t created equal, as Dr. Warburg explains:

Convection energy produced from your conventional oven produces a uniformly warm product. However, placing the same item in a microwave energy oven often produces extremely dangerous “hot spots” with “cold spots” nearby. The two heating methods work very differently, just like energy produced from fermentation is different than energy produced with oxygen!

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