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Fat-Free Was Known to Kill You in 1945

You need to know this. The following excerpt illustrates in gruesome detail the potential dire consequences of eliminating fat from your diet. The following is from page 396 of the remarkable book, “Endgame, 1945: The Missing Final Chapter of World War II”, by David Stafford:

 “Obsessed with notions of racial purity and physical perfection, the Nazis began killing the handicapped – or ’Life Unworthy of Life’, as the phrase had it – in the late 1930s…

 “Eventually, the news leaked out and in August 1941 the Catholic Bishop of Munster delivered a blistering sermon denouncing the murders… But this merely applied to the particular method of killing, which was by gas. A public outcry followed…

 “The asylums and hospitals reverted instead to murdering the handicapped through lethal medicaion and deliberate starvation, and the killing of children went on throughout the war. The director at Kaufbeuren, Dr. Valentin Falthammer, was an especially keen and energetic supporter of the program, and proudly introducued a carefully crafted fat-free diet that guaranteed death to his patients and conveniently economized on pharmaceuticals. The death rate rose so high that the asylum authorities forbade the ringing of the church bells at burial, so as not to alert the local population.”


By 1945 it was known that a FAT-FREE DIET would kill you. After reading this excerpt from Stafford’s book I was both repulsed and baffled. Clearly, I was repulsed by the sheer inhumanity practiced by the Third Reich, but at the same time I wanted to understand their purpose in withholding fat from their prisoners’ diets. Why didn’t they simply starve these hapless souls? Why give them any nourisment at all?

I have concluded Dr. Falthammer’s intent was to maximize the usefulness of his prisoners (for either diabolical experiments or slave labor while they still had some strength left) and at the same time end their miserable lives economically. Once I came to this conclusion I was struck by the profound irony that we have willingly implemented the failed Nazi plan on ourselves through decades of medical recommendations to remove most of the fats from our diet – presumably to improve health and reduce weight.

Perhaps, for the first time, with true, practical information contained in [my book “The 24-Hour Diet”], you can avoid committing “dietary suicide” and become lean-for-life, energized, and disease-free.

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