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The Low-Down on Arterial Plaque

June 2008

An atheroma is an accumulation and swelling in artery walls that is made up of cells, or cell debris, that contain lipids, cholesterol and fatty acids, calcium and a variable amount of fibrous connective tissue. In the context of heart or artery matters, atheromata are commonly referred to as atheromatous plaques. It is an unhealthy condition, but is found in most humans.

The plaque usually begins to accumulate in some children younger than one year of age, and by the time we reach adulthood; every single human has accumulated a substantial amount of plaque in their arteries. If left unchecked, this continual buildup in the arteries will restrict the arterial vessels leading to the heart, and result in heart disease, the number one killer in America.

The drug companies have capitalized on this by developing cholesterol-lowering drugs known as statins that they claim will lower our levels of cholesterol which, they say, will decrease our chances of getting heart disease later in life.

As we have shown you in our January, 2008 Newsletter “Cholesterol-Lowering drugs called into question again” (http://brianpeskin.com/newsletters/01cholesterol08.pdf), the claims that the drug companies have been making is simply not true. And rather than helping us to stay healthy, these drugs are making us sicker![1]

In addition to this sickening news, what the popular press and your doctor fail to tell you is that there is already concrete evidence proving that decreasing blood cholesterol through drugs, or by changing your eating habits has no clear correlation to decreasing your chances of getting heart disease! In fact, cholesterol levels in and of themselves are absolutely meaningless. In fact studies performed back in 1964 with a world-renowned heart surgeon on 1,700 patients with heart disease clearly show more heart-related disease with cholesterol between 1 and 250 than between 300 and 400 or higher; the opposite of what we are told! [2]

“Saturated fat and cholesterol in the diet are not the cause of coronary heart disease. That myth is the greatest ‘scientific’ deception of the century, and perhaps any century.” [3]

Basic biochemistry books that the doctors themselves studied during their education clearly states the importance of cholesterol, a steroid produced naturally by the body–in significant quantities–in many of the bodily functions; therefore, it makes absolutely no sense from a medical perspective to take drugs that artificially alter these levels. [4]

Researchers as early as 1936, failed to find a correlation between cholesterol levels and atherosclerotic plaque. [5]

This research was further supported in 1962, when the American Heart Journal published research from Dr. Marek and colleagues who searched for a correlation between cholesterol levels and atherosclerosis. Among 106 cases studied, the level of cholesterol did not affect atherosclerotic changes in plaque. [6]

What your doctor, the drug companies and the misinformed media aren’t telling you is that if there is not enough cholesterol in the cell membrane, the walls lose their rigidity and expand outward, due to the inner pressure of the cell, leading to cell damage, or destruction. [7] Without plenty of cholesterol, you’d be wormlike because of lack of internal structure.

They also do not seem to want you to know that cholesterol is essential for the normal growth and repair of body tissue and that is also the material from which the body makes several important hormones – the adrenal hormones (involved in sugar metabolism, fluid balance, the maintenance of blood pressure, and the preparation of the body for stress) and the male and female sex hormones, testosterone and estrogen. In addition, cholesterol is essential for the normal growth and repair of body tissue, and much more. [8]

To read the rest of this article (and view the references – always an important part of the articles so you can read for yourself the science behind the explanations), please visit the “Science-not-Opinion” e-Newsletter site at http://brianpeskin.com/newsletter-archive.htm and download the entire article, “The Lowdown on Arterial Plaque”, June 2008 (pdf format). At the end of the article you will find a delicious low-carb recipie to tantalize your tastebuds and keep you on the lean-for-life pathway without sacrificing good taste!

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