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“Weasel Words”

Researchers have a bad habit that has long been widespread. Journal articles about nutritional developments and recommendations are littered with words like “may”, “possibly”, “associated with”, and “could”. They rarely seem to use words like “absolutely” or “conclusively”. By using words that leave all kinds of elbowroom for indefinite conclusions, exceptions and failures, no one is ever “wrong”. Because they never actually told you conclusively that the method would work, you can’t hold them accountable. You will recognize these same “weasel” words in commercials. Be aware.

But even if you tried to hold them accountable, they wouldn’t take the blame for giving you misleading or incorrect advice. That’s why you always hear, “NEW research shows…” Very rarely does anyone ever answer why the OLD research was wrong, or take responsibility for publicizing the reversal. Indeed, the nutrition field has become so unsure of itself that if it were asked what two plus two equaled, the answer, if published in a magazine, would be, “It is possible that the answer might eventually prove to be associated with four.”

Don’t let them weasel their way into your brain; your health is too important to be taken in by such “advice”.

Learn more about medicine’s long history of mistakes and wrong recommendations in “The Hidden Story of Cancer” by Professor Brian Peskin at http://www.brianpeskin.com

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