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Adenosine Triposphate = Adenosine Triphosphate. Or Does it?

In his research on the mechanism of cellular energy production difference between normal cells and cancerous cells, Dr. Warburg poses a most important question: Why does fermentation cause cancer cells to dedifferentiate and lose intelligence? Or to put it another way, why are the body cells dedifferentiated when their respiration energy (produced in the presence of oxygen) is replaced by fermentation energy (produced in the absence of oxygen)?

At first, one would think that it is immaterial to the cells whether they obtain their energy from respiration or from fermentation, since the energy of both reactions is transformed into the energy of adenosine triphosphate, and yet adenosine triphosphate = adenosine triphosphate. This equation is certainly correct chemically and energetically, but it is incorrect morphologically because although respiration takes place for the most part in the structure of the grana (mitochondria), the fermentation enzymes are found for a greater part in the fluid protoplasm. The adenosine triphosphate synthesized by respiration therefore involves more (cell) structure than adenosine triphosphate synthesized by fermentation.

Thus, it is as if one reduced the same amount of silver on a photographic plate by the same amount of light, but in once case with diffused light and in the other with patterned light. In the first case, a diffuse blackening appears on the plate, but in the second case, a picture appears; however, the same thing happens chemically and energetically in both cases. Just as the one type of light energy involves more structure than the other type, the adenosine triphosphate energy involves more structure when it is formed by respiration than it does when it is formed by fermentation.

IN OTHER WORDS, normal cell respiration takes place in the presence of a more differentiated cell structure; cancer cells’ respiration of fermation involves less structure.


This gets a little complicated here so you can read further (with real life examples) in “The Hidden Story of Cancer” (www.brianpeskin.com ).

Let me present you with an excellent example showing how all energy isn’t created equal, as Dr. Warburg explains:

Convection energy produced from your conventional oven produces a uniformly warm product. However, placing the same item in a microwave energy oven often produces extremely dangerous “hot spots” with “cold spots” nearby. The two heating methods work very differently, just like energy produced from fermentation is different than energy produced with oxygen!

Learn more in “The Hidden Story of Cancer”. You can get your copy from www.brianpeskin.com.

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