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Matters of the Heart

Cancer of the heart rarely occurs. Why? You will likely be told it’s because heart cells don’t reproduce (divide). This is not the reason. You need to know that, of the extremely small number of cases that develop, heart cancer mainly occurs on the right side of the heart. The right atrium is where deoxygenated blood from the veins (containing lower amounts of oxygen) re-enters the heart and is then pumped back to the lungs.

Is this only a coincidence? Or does the fully oxygenated blood entering the left side of the heart (left atrium) protect the heart from cancer with its higher oxygen content while the right side, less protected, is therefore more susceptible to cancer attack?

This is something to think about, and, as I talk about in my book “The Hidden Story of Cancer”, is consistent with Dr. Warburg’s seminal prime cause of cancer discovery.

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