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Prof. Peskin’s DPA Scan & Advanced Lipid Analysis

With the 2008 JUPITER Study, it was (once again) confirmed that lowering LDL-C was ineffective in preventing cardiovascular disease. It is well known that cholesterol levels are not predictive of CVD. Furthermore, the Number Needed to Treat (NNT) to see 1 patient success is 100 (as reported by pharmaceutical companies), meaning that statins carry at best a 99% failure rate, dreadful.

The study authors then suggested the benefit of statins was in lowering C-reactive protein (CRP) levels. This is another fallacy that I have written about in depth.

With the March, 2010 ACCORD study, cardiovascular physicians were disheartened to learn that common treatment protocols for cardiovascular disease in diabetic patients were ineffective. Among these findings were:

A) Medications to pharmacologically lower high blood pressure, and

B) Medications to pharmacologically lower high triglyceride levels in type II diabetics made no improvement.

Since high-risk diabetic patients showed no positive effect with BP and triglyceride lowering treatments, it is unlikely any patient will benefit with these interventions. Pharmacologic (artificial) — not physiologic lowering of BP and triglyceride levels — may sound good, but don’t work. If you have followed my work you will understand why.

What are physicians and patients to rely on as an accurate measure of CV risk if blood pressure, triglycerides, and cholesterol are discarded? My answer is a DPA test to assess the physiologic characteristics of your cardiovascular system. The rationale for this suggestion and particulars of the test is featured in the May issue of Townsend Letter for Physicians. I hope for their patient’s health, that many physicians implement this testing in the near future. If your physician doesn’t have a DPA machine, give him a copy of the Townsend article so he will understand its importance in developing an accurate diagnostic picture.

Regarding blood lipids, based on today’s state-of-the-art medical science, here is what I, and other medical researchers consider important. Many physicians will not be familiar with these advanced tests, so the tests offered by the following companies will be helpful. These tests may be covered by your insurance so be sure to ask:

a) Lipoprotein particle profile ( plus the individual Lp-PLA2 test.

b) PLAC test ( 877-752-2837)

c) Oxidized LDL — oXLDL (Realtime Laboratories: E7500 test)

d) Omega-Quant ( at 800-949-0632)

Of particular note is that I have moderate OxLDL and higher RPL than normal. There are reasons that homocysteine and even C-reactive protein can be elevated temporarily, such as a common cold, extra stress, either physical or mental.

My DPA results are superb (enclosed) showing no issue with the physiologic function of my cardiovascular system.

I want to emphasize that I intentionally do NOT have a perfect diet – or a perfectly healthy life-style. I have no interest in showing that if you “do everything perfectly” and follow my recommendations then you will stay healthy. I have to show that in spite of doing a few things “not ideally,” you will stay in very good cardiovascular shape.

I believe the DPA tool is an outstanding new clinical tool and a wonderful adjunct to blood chemistry analysis. When you couple DPA with state-of-the-art blood lipid analysis, then you will have a much more accurate assessment of your CV system.

As this system does not allow for the posting of the entire paper and my results, please download the entire document here:

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Understanding EFA Supplement Labeling

Some supplement manufacturers’ labels fail to separately identify and distinguish between the parent EFAs from the EFA derivatives, making it difficult to tell whether you are getting parent EFAs or EFA derivatives. Parent Ometa-6 is called linoleic acid, or “LA”. Parent Omega-3 is called alpha-linolenic acid, or “ALA”. Make sure of what you’re getting before you purchase a pre-formulated supplement.

The reason why we mention this, is because your body naturally produces all of the derivatives it needs from the parent essential oils. Taking derivatives can lead to an imbalance in EFAs within your body, and possible health-related issues may arise.

Here is a table of the most common EFA derivatives:

Common Derivatives of Parent Omega-6:

GLA (Gamma-linolenic Acid)

CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid)

Common Derivatives of Parent Omega-3:

EPA (Eicosapentaeonic Acid)

DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid)

IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU MAKE SURE THE OILS ARE RAW, UNPROCESSED, AND ORGANIC – not heated or chemically treated. Otherwise, in your attempt to prevent cancer, you may be actually harming yourself with carcinogens (cancer-causing substances). Heating and other processing methods destroy the EFAs, result in transfats, and can add other harmful chemicals and impurities to the oil.

Always make sure you have the right ratio of Parent Omega-6 to Omega-3 Essential oils (1:1 – 2.5:1).

To learn more about this visit

Excerpt from “On the Origin of Cancer Cells”, Science, February 1956, Volume 123, Number 3191

March 22, 2010 1 comment

The following was written by Dr. Otto Warburg (comments inserted by Professor Peskin as “bp”)

For more of this information, please read, “The Hidden Story of Cancer” (


Cancer cells originate from normal body cells in TWO PHASES. The first phase is the IRREVERSIBLE INJURING OF RESPIRATION. Just as there are many remote causes of plague – heat, insects, rats – but only one common cause, the plague bacillus, there are a great many remote causes of cancer – tar, rays, arsenic, pressure, urethane – BUT THERE IS ONLY ONE COMMON CAUSE INTO WHICH ALL OTHER CAUSES OF CANCER MERGE: THE IRREVERSIBLE INJURING OF RESPIRATION.

(bp: Dr. Warburg makes it clear that cancer has but one primary cause, and all other effects lead to this prime cause.)

The irreversible injuring of respiration is followed, as the second phase of cancer formation, by a long struggle for existence by the injured cells to maintain their structure, in which a part of the cells perish from lack of energy, while another part succeed in replacing the irretrievably lost respiration energy by fermentation energy.

Because of the morphological inferiority of fermentation energy, the highly differentiated body cells are converted by this into undifferentiated cells that grow wildly – the cancer cells.

To the thousands of quantitative experiments on which these results are based, I should like to add, as a further argument, the fact that there is no alternative today. If the explanation of a vital process is its reduction to physics and chemistry, there is today no other explanation for the origin of cancer cells, either special or general.

(bp: Thousands of experiments confirm Dr. Warburg’s conclusions.)

From this point of view, mutation and carcinogenic agent are not alternatives, but empty words, unless metabolically specified. Even more harmful in the struggle against cancer can be the continual discovery of miscellaneous cancer agents and cancer viruses, which, by obscuring the underlying phenomena, may hinder necessary preventive measures and thereby become responsible for cancer cases.


Harvard Professor Lewontin eategorically states that genetic causes are meaningless unless a metabolic pathway is specified and understood. Dr. Warburg knew of, and stated this same insight earlier, in 1955.

Dr. Warburg’s Conclusions:

* Mutation (the “genetic theory”) is not cancer’s cause.

* Supposed carcinogenic agents (other than oxygen deprivers) are not cancer’s cause.

Dr. Warburg warns here that researchers looking into genetic causes or various non-specific carcinogens will bring forth no significant results because they are not the true direct cause of cancer. Valuable time has been wasted in these fruitless searches.

But apparently, no one has listened. We keep hearing about the so-called genetic “predisposition”, the “viral” possibility, the DNA “mutation”. Dr. Warburg made it clear that those “researching” these areas are wasting precious time, hindering protective measures, and indeed, becoming responsible for causing more cancer cases…

See the full explanation in “The Hidden Story of Cancer” by Professor Brian Peskin. You can get a copy at

Natural Fats Provide Healthy Flavor

This fact is essential if you want to become lean-for-life with boundless energy. “Fat-free” is food industry code meaning that sugar has been added to replace the flavor lost by removing the fat. [As] with egg whites, you find that by themselves they are tasteless, but by adding the yolk they become delicious. The fat marbling in the steak is what makes it “prime” and tasty. Why do you think the highly marbled Japanese Kobe beef is so delicious?! Cheese is loaded with flavor because of its high fat content. Take out the fat and you are left with tasteless “no-fat cheese”. (How this product can legally be called cheese escapes me!)

Natural fats come in many varieties. There are saturated fats like those found in butter and coconut oil. There are monounsaturated fats like those found in olive oil. And there are polyunsaturated fats like those found in sunflower oil, evening primrose oil, canola oil, and flax oil. There are only two particular types of fat that the body CAN’T MAKE, called parent omega-6 and parent omega-3. They are called the healthy essential oils, meaning that your body can’t make them on its own; we must get them on a regular basis from foods.

Much of my research focuses on these Parent Essential Oils, which I term “PEOs”. Because so many foods have been adulterated and had their nutrients destroyed through food processing, many people choose a supplement to obtain these unadulterated essential fats. PEOs play an essential role in the “24-Hour Diet”.

For more information on this topic, please read the section titled, “Importance of Special Fats Called PEOs” in my book, “The 24-Hour Diet”. You can get a copy by ordering through

Proof of EFA Deficiency

Todays food processing requires widespread use of preservatives, additives, and artificial chemicals. EFAs have a short shelf life since they spoil quickly. Food processors have to replace ingredients that spoil with stable long-lived alternatives. Everything in food mfg. revolves around increasing shelf-life and making the EFAs inactive. Virtually every processed product in the supermarket has a substantially, though artificially, increased shelf life. As a result, it is difficult to obtain enough UNPROCESSED EFAs through our diet.

For example, margarine was developed at the request of Napoleon as an inexpensive, long-lasting spread costing much less than butter. The chemical process of hydrogenation that creates transfats was patented in 1911. It was known in 1939 that the transfats caused by hydrogenation were associated with increased skin cancer contraction rates. Margarine can be left out for a year with no refrigeration and it won’t spoil. Compare that result to any “real food”. No food can last longer than a few days without spoiling unless there are cancer-causing additives in the food. This means that the oxygen transfer is ruined. Thousands of products now contain these harmful oils and preservatives – from cakes and cookies and bread, to frozen pizza.

While it is possible to get enough natural EFAs from modern food, it has become extremely difficult.

To learn more about these transfats, pick up a copy of “The Hidden Story of Cancer” at, and turn to the section titled, “Transfats – A Small Percentage Causes Great harm” on page 255.

The Immune System and Cancer’s Speed of Development

Cancer does not develop rapidly.

Dr. Warburg says that in humans, cancer development typically takes DECADES.

This amazing statement surprises most people unfamiliar with cancer progression. You may have heard about a case in which cancer supposedly grew very rapidly. You should realize that in such cases, the cancer was only detected at a very late stage – and had already taken many years to develop. This is another striking discovery that Dr. Warburg addressed in his book, “Investigations from the Metabolism of Tumors”. Dr. Warburg observed that cultured, fully developed cancer cells, once injected into the body, take YEARS to continue to develop.

Dr. Warburg stated:

“The mysterious latency period of the production of cancer… differs in various animals; it is ESPECIALLY LONG IN MAN and here often amounts to SEVERAL DECADES…”

While it may initially seem dismaying that cancer develops for years before it is detected, this actually shows us that the body is equipped with powerful defenses against cancer that make its development in the body extremely difficult.


The immune system protects the body against cancer. Therefore, it is critical to keep your immune system in “high gear”. The Five Simple Anticancer Seps I talk about in my book, “The Hidden Story of Cancer” (see ensures your immune system stays optimized. It is not often pointed out, however, that it is also vital to make sure that ALL the cells in the body are “operating” exactly as they should, at a high level of efficiency, without damage or impairment to any of their functions. Dr. Warburg’s discoveries demonstrate this.

While the immune system protects largely by destroying unwanted entities in the body AFTER they have formed and are present (germs, toxins, and even a certain amount of cancer cells), peak function of ALL the trillions of cells that make up the body makes it MUCH LESS LIKELY THAT CANCER CELLS WILL EVER FORM IN THE FIRST PLACE.

With use of the scientifically based anticancer discoveries of “The Hidden Story of Cancer” program, the body’s INBORN CAPABILITY to defeat cancer while it is still undetectable by usual diagnostic means can be restored to an unprecendented degree. If that natural capability has been reduced by deficiencies, ill health, etc., this plan enables the cells to be returned to a condition of robust health in which they are not likely to form cancer at all.

To learn more about these Five Simple Anticancer Steps, please visit and pick up a copy of “The Hidden Story of Cancer”, today.

Defective LDL Cholesterol Becomes a “Poison Delivery System”

LDL cholesterol is not the “bad guy” that everyone would have you believe; it serves a VERY IMPORTANT ROLE in our natural (healthy) bodily functions.

As I talk about in my book “The Hidden Story of Cancer” (, huge numbers of molecules in the omega 6-based cooking oils are already RUINED by commercial food processing. The body then incorporates these adulterated oils INTO the LDL cholesterol. With the consumption and transport of DEFECTIVE cancer-causing processed oils (please read my book for the background to this), LDL cholesterol acts like a “poison delivery system”, bringing deadly transfats and other ruined oils into the cells. It is primarily the oxidized (altered) parent omega 6 that clog the arteries, NOT SATURATED FAT! Renowened interventional cardiologist, Dr. David Sim, makes a great analogy that anyone can understand:

“It’s like building a wall without having enough bricks. You use another material and ‘fill in the hole’, but it doesn’t work correctly. The same thing happens when cholesterol doesn’t have enough parent omega 6 to incorporate.”

In nature, with the consumption of organic, unprocessed EFAs rather than adulterated oils and transfats, LDL cholesterol should be made up of significant amounts of properly functioning “parent” omega 6, linoleic acid (LA), and as a result it will NOT BE HARMFUL.

Furthermore, it is THE NATURAL TRANSPORTER OF PARENT OMEGA 6 AND PARENT OMEGA 3 INTO THE CELLS. [We NEED cholesterol to transport ESSENTIAL fatty acids into our cells, or we become deficient in these fatty acids, and our body does not function properly.]

That’s why it’s NOT necessary to lower LDL cholesterol, nor is the absolute LDL numbers as important, when the diet contains sufficient unadulterated EFAs.

Also note the body has no natural “cholesterol sensor” in the bloodstream. Unlike sodium, calcium, glucose levels, your body does not need to maintain a strict cholesterol level. For example, glucose levels are maintained to an amazingly tight 0.1% (just 1 teaspoon of sugar per every thousand teaspoons of blood) in each of us! Nature implemented biological sensor mechanisms only if required.


This is THE REASON the medical profession has offered us no insight into why our cholesterol numbers keep plummeting, yet heart attacks continue to increase. LDL CHOLESTEROL IS IMPROPERLY BLAMED for a myriad of health problems when the real culprit is defective EFAs. LDL cholesterol has no alternative but to transport these killers throughout our body since we have inadequate amounts of properly functioning LA in our diets. The “experts” never made this critical connection and pinpoint the REAL “problem” with LDL. The cholesterol-lowering drugs simply can’t lower the defective omega 6 enough.

The daily television and print advertisements bombard us with doomsday comments about “bad cholesterol” coming from your genetics and the food you eat. LDL cholesterol isn’t bad in and of itself. If it was, we’d all be dead and the human species would have ceased eons ago. An appropriate analogy is the situation of a drunk driver causing an accident – the drunk driver is like bad EFAs, and the automobile is like cholesterol. The cancer institutes and pharmaceutical companies would have you ban all automobiles (cholesterol) INSTEAD of addressing the problem by ELIMINATING the drunk driver (bad EFAs).

Perhaps for the first time, utilizing the biochemical and physiological properties of EFAs, this explanation of cholesterol finally makes sense.

We can only begin to touch on this topic in this online medium but there is so much more to know and understand. To read more on this, pick up a copy of “The Hidden Story of Cancer” from today.

Please visit my website at There you will find MANY articles showing exactly how badly the cholesterol studies have FAILED when trying to prevent heart disease and everything else they blame on LDL. The drug companies will do everything within their power to keep you on their cash cow cholesterol-lowering drugs which do you more damage than good. There are many articles there and it is highly recommended you take the time to read them all, especially if your doctor, or family/friends are recommending you take cholesterol-lowering drugs because you were told during an examination that your levels are “high”.

Trust in the science.