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Aspartame: Ajinomoto Pulls the Switch

Well, Ajinomoto, the Japanese giant pharmaceutical/food manufacturer is at it again.

Since their major product aspartame, which has shown up in so many “low calorie” food products over the decades is widely known now to be the extremely toxic poison that it is (originally touted by the U.S. military as a biological warfare), Ajinomoto has decided to pull a name change and hoodwink us all.

The company has decided to rebrand this poison as “Aminosweet” in an attempt to ride upon the recently hyped “semi-truth” wave that amino acids are the building blocks to our human proteins (end truth) and therefore all amino acids are “good for you” (begin lies).


I would never EVER consume this product; It. Is. Horrific!

If you would like to be completely frightened by this product, please follow this link and read as much as you can about the damage this product can do to your body, as well as the claims to the FDA regarding its toxicity and adverse effects that people have had.

The most frightening thing, I think, is that most doctors have no idea how toxic this chemical really is, and they can often mis-diagnose the side-effects as other diseases (see the article in the link).


This product should never have been given the go-ahead by the FDA, however due to some very powerful lobbying in the industry, it wormed its way into our daily food chain.

If you would like to have sweet without the sugar, and without the poison, look to Stevia or other natural sweetners that are not going to make you ill.

This is very very scary.

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