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The Immune System and Cancer’s Speed of Development

Cancer does not develop rapidly.

Dr. Warburg says that in humans, cancer development typically takes DECADES.

This amazing statement surprises most people unfamiliar with cancer progression. You may have heard about a case in which cancer supposedly grew very rapidly. You should realize that in such cases, the cancer was only detected at a very late stage – and had already taken many years to develop. This is another striking discovery that Dr. Warburg addressed in his book, “Investigations from the Metabolism of Tumors”. Dr. Warburg observed that cultured, fully developed cancer cells, once injected into the body, take YEARS to continue to develop.

Dr. Warburg stated:

“The mysterious latency period of the production of cancer… differs in various animals; it is ESPECIALLY LONG IN MAN and here often amounts to SEVERAL DECADES…”

While it may initially seem dismaying that cancer develops for years before it is detected, this actually shows us that the body is equipped with powerful defenses against cancer that make its development in the body extremely difficult.


The immune system protects the body against cancer. Therefore, it is critical to keep your immune system in “high gear”. The Five Simple Anticancer Seps I talk about in my book, “The Hidden Story of Cancer” (see http://www.brianpeskin.com) ensures your immune system stays optimized. It is not often pointed out, however, that it is also vital to make sure that ALL the cells in the body are “operating” exactly as they should, at a high level of efficiency, without damage or impairment to any of their functions. Dr. Warburg’s discoveries demonstrate this.

While the immune system protects largely by destroying unwanted entities in the body AFTER they have formed and are present (germs, toxins, and even a certain amount of cancer cells), peak function of ALL the trillions of cells that make up the body makes it MUCH LESS LIKELY THAT CANCER CELLS WILL EVER FORM IN THE FIRST PLACE.

With use of the scientifically based anticancer discoveries of “The Hidden Story of Cancer” program, the body’s INBORN CAPABILITY to defeat cancer while it is still undetectable by usual diagnostic means can be restored to an unprecendented degree. If that natural capability has been reduced by deficiencies, ill health, etc., this plan enables the cells to be returned to a condition of robust health in which they are not likely to form cancer at all.

To learn more about these Five Simple Anticancer Steps, please visit http://www.brianpeskin.com and pick up a copy of “The Hidden Story of Cancer”, today.

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