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Brain Health

Did you know that your brain is 60% fat? Much of it is supposed to be EFA-based. With a potential EFA deficiency solved (and I talk about this in my books), your brain will run with maximum speed, better focus, better clarity and improved memory.

It is expected, although we have not proven, that Alzheimer’s occurrences would decrease if EFA deficiencies were eliminated.

ADD and ADHD have become rampant illnesses with no end in sight. A significent number of ADD children (40%) had significant deficiencies of EFAs as measured in their blood in studies*.

Children with attention issues have been seen to improve dramatically when their diets are supplemented with the correct blend of omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids (2.5:1 to 1:1)

It makes good sense to have the correct combination of parent essential oils in your body as high as you possibly can for the best health in all respcts.

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* “Attention Please,”, by Rafael Avila, ‘Energy Times’, December 1996, pages 52-58, published in the ‘American Journal of Clinical Nutrition’.


Warning: Surgery Can Cause Cancer Recurrence

The article, “Probing Surgery’s Link to Cancer Recurrence,” published in The Wall Street Journal [1], is enough to terrify any woman:

“Doctors have long noted that the rate of recurrence for women with breast cancer is highest during the first two years after surgery to remove the tumor. Now a group of researchers say they have found a reason why: the surgery itself…

“… They [researchers] say the cases recurred too early to be explained by another mechanism, so the researchers concluded that they were related to the women’s surgery…

“Dr. Retsky, lead investigator and lecturer in surgery at Children’s Hospital Boston and Harvard Medical School, states ‘over half of all relapses in breast cancer are accelerated by surgery.’…”

Despite the best intentions, the surgical method to cure you of breast cancer can actually accelerate cancer’s destructive path. We don’t advocate rejecting surgery; it serves an often necessary purpose. But because breast surgery leads to increased relapse rates, the five-step protective measure plan I describe in my book, “The Hidden Story of Cancer”, is vital to your long-term survival.

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[1] “Probing Surgery’s Link to Cancer Recurrence,” by Amy Dockser Marcus, “TheWall Sreet Journal”, September 13, 2005, page D1. Ref.: Database of over 1,100 breast cancer surgery patients treated from 1964-1980.