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“The Hidden Story of Cancer”, Renowned Physician Accolades

Here are some accolades related to my book, “The Hidden Story of Cancer”.

• “In the last ninety-three years, there have been only two monumental works that have succeeded in explaining the actual cause and treatment of cancer: No. 1 is the Nobel Prize-winning German physician and scientist, Otto Warburg, M.D., Ph.D. work, The Metabolism of Tumours, published in Germany in1910. No. 2 is Professor Brian Scott Peskin’s The Hidden Story of Cancer, which details a scientific breakthrough that explains Dr. Warburg’s research and introduces new science that will prevent cancer. This is undoubtedly a breakthrough of biblical proportions.”

—Bernardo C. Majalca, N.D. (Stage Four Cancer Researcher)

• “I had been taking high-dose fish oil for many years in an attempt to prevent C-V disease and retard inflammation. However, I noticed that my fasting blood sugars were always in the high range (100-115) and measurements of oxidative stress also reflected high levels. No one could explain it since my hemoglobin a1c always stayed low. Since switching to the parent EFAs (PEOs), as recommended in The Hidden Story of Cancer, my FBS came down to 84. My lipids also looked better than ever. I think many of our colleagues do not appreciate the dangers of high dose fish oil. Derivative EFAs like fish oil easily oxidize, and although some surrogate markers may improve, the final cost is still unknown. Thanks so very much for your book.”

—Ira L Goodman, M.D. Ophthalmic Surgeon (retired), Holistic Medicine

• “I’ve been studying Health & Nutrition for over 25 years. Your book, Brian, is knocking the socks off of me. It is indeed the greatest book on health & nutrition I have ever read. People won’t believe me when I say how can something as complicated as cancer and other degenerative diseases have such a simple solution. ‘Well, just read Brian Peskin’s book, The Hidden Story of Cancer and find out for yourself,’ is what I tell them. I can’t put it down – it is that interesting and informative!”

—Mahalo, Gary Shimabukuro, Honolulu, HI

You can read all the accolades by downloading this PDF:


Pick up your copy of “The Hidden Story of Cancer” here:


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