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They DID Track Cancer in the 1900s

Genetic manipulation has been the buzz for years now. We hear almost daily about the Human Genome Mapping project and how mapping the sequence of all the human genes is supposed to help us find “disease genes”and lead to the cause and cure for many diseases.

But let’s backtrack for a moment. Few doctors or researchers acknowledge that in the early 1900s there was an overall extremely low level of cancer in this country. Don’t believe anyone who says there was just as much cancer then as now, but it just wasn’t tracked. Physicians and the medical journals did track cancer rates at that time, and so did our government. One hundred years ago, only about 3% of us developed cancer! Yet cancer has skyrocketed to a current staggering 50% of the population today.

For cancer or other diseases to be caused genetically by the passing of genetic mutations from one generation to the next, one or more of our genes would have had to mutate into “cancer (or other disease) genes” and be passed along from generation to generation through reproduction.

But there simply hasn’t been enough time for a “genetic mutation” to be passed to 50% of the population. A genetic mutation would take, at the least, many hundreds of years to become significant. So the likelihood of any type of genetic-based component, such as a mutation, reaching 50% of all Americans in 2003, when it was only 3% in 1900, is almost nonexistent.

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