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Newsflash 2008: Case Closed, Closed, Closed…IT is NOT Genetic

The Special Edition of Scientific American (Vol. 18, No. 3, August/September 2008) devoted the entire issue to cancer. Many of the articles repeated the previous nonsense we hear time and time again that leads nowhere. However, the article “Untangling the Roots of Cancer,” by W. Wayt Gibbs, was excellent in presenting the truth, starting with the failure of the “oncogene theory.”

• “But the oncogene/tumor suppressor gene hypothesis has also failed, despite three decades of effort, to identify a particular set of gene mutations that occurs in every instance of any of the most common and deadly kinds of human cancer.”

The article then details how geneticist Lawrence A. Loeb led cancer researchers astray with the silly notion that your cells are capable of having 10,000-100,000 mutations each.

• “For many years, he suggested that ‘early during the genesis of cancer there are enormous numbers of random mutations—10,000-100,000 per cell,’ but he had little evidence to support the idea.“ (Emphasis added.)

In 2006, researchers actually measured the number of mutations and it was a mere “65-475 mutations per 100 million nucleotides.” [Note: This is .000475% – .000065%—next to nothing.]

◗ Life-Systems Engineering Science Commentary

The number of misleading researchers in the medical sciences never ceases to amaze me, nor how they completely throw all the researchers off track. This type of behavior simply doesn’t occur in sciences like physics or engineering, where scientific standards are much higher. Witness the contrast in results — amazing advances in technology every few years. Contrast this with thirty (30) wasted years of cancer researchers looking in completely the wrong “genetic-based” direction for cancer’s source and cure. Are we doomed to another 30 wasted years before researchers get it right and discover Dr. Warburg?

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  1. John Carraway
    February 16, 2011 at 9:46 pm

    It has already been proven that cancer is caused by an acidic body pH and a severe deficiency of antioxidants (plant and animal nutrients). Basically, it is a yeast infection that has caused mutation of the cells, and can be reversed with abundant mineral and antioxidant therapies. Consumption of baking soda and water is an excellent beginning.

    • February 27, 2011 at 5:00 am

      If that is so (which it isn’t), then we must ask the question: How did the body get acidic in the first place? It was not designed that way so what caused it? Deficiency of antioxidants are not the primary cause. This is exactly why doctors and researchers today are no further ahead of curing cancer than they were 20 years ago. One must find the primary cause. Everyone is looking at secondary, tertiary, quaternary causes, and those are infinite, and will continue to grow in number. But there is only ONE primary cause, and that is a decrease in cellular oxygen by 30% as irrefutably shown thousands of times over by Dr. Otto Warburg in his meticulous experiments.

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