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Fish Oil Reduces Effectiveness of Chemotherapy

September 14, 2011 Leave a comment

ScienceDaily (Sep. 12, 2011) – Researchers at University Medical Center

Utrecht, the Netherlands, have discovered a substance that has an adverse

effect on nearly all types of chemotherapy — making cancer cells

insensitive to the treatment. Chemotherapy often loses effectiveness over

time. It is often unclear how or why this happens.


It now appears that chemotherapy is made ineffective by two types of fatty

acid that are made by stem cells in the blood. Under the influence of

cisplatin chemotherapy, the stem cells secrete these fatty acids that induce

resistance to a broad spectrum of chemotherapies. These substances are

referred to by researchers as ‘PIFAs’ which stands for platinum-induced

fatty acids. Cisplatin is a type of chemotherapy that is widely used for the

treatment of cancer, including cancer of the lungs and ovaries.


Tumors under the skin


The researchers studied the effect of PIFA’s in mice and human cells. The

mice studied had tumors under the skin. Under normal conditions, the tumors

would decrease in size following the administration of chemotherapy. In the

study, after administering the fatty acids to the mice, the tumors were

found to be insensitive to chemotherapy. The fatty acids were isolated from

the medium in which chemotherapy exposed stem cells were grown. But also

stem cells in the blood of patients produce the fatty acids that desensitize

tumors to chemotherapy.


The fatty acids are also found in commercially-produced fish oil supplements

containing omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids as well as in some algae

extracts. In the experiments conducted in mice, the tumors became

insensitive to chemotherapy after administration of normal amounts of fish

oil. Natural products that include fish oil are frequently used by cancer

patients in addition to their regular treatment.


“Don’t use these products”


Professor Emile Voest, a medical oncologist at UMC Utrecht, supervised the

research. “Where resistance to chemotherapy is concerned, we usually believe

that changes in the cancer cells themselves have occurred. Now we show that

the body itself secretes protective substances into the blood that are

powerful enough to block the effect of chemotherapy. These substances can be

found in some types of fish oil. Whilst waiting for the results of further

research, we currently recommend that these products should not be used

whilst people are undergoing chemotherapy.”


Researchers at the University Medical Center Utrecht, the Netherlands,

describe these findings, that will appear online on September 12, in the

journal Cancer Cell.


Story Source:


The above story is reprinted (with editorial adaptations by ScienceDaily

staff) from materials provided by University Medical Center Utrecht, via

EurekAlert!, a service of AAAS.


Journal Reference:


Jeanine M.L. Roodhart, Laura G.M. Daenen, Edwin C.A. Stigter, Henk-Jan

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Voest. Mesenchymal Stem Cells Induce Resistance to Chemotherapy through the

Release of Platinum-Induced Fatty Acids. Cancer Cell, 2011; 20 (3): 370 DOI:


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Cholesterol – NECESSARY, Not Evil – IF its structure is correct

As the medical textbook, Molecular Biology of the Cell, makes clear on page 481, cholesterol is necessary for the structural integrity of the lipid bilayer (the structure in each of our 100 trillion cell membranes). Student Companion for Stryer’s Biochemistry clearly states cholesterol’s importance in each of your 100 trillion cell membranes on page 201:

“Cholesterol modulates the fluidity of the membranes (ed. read that sentence again and remember it!). By inserting itself between the fatty acid chains, cholesterol prevents the ‘crystallization’ at temperatures below Tm [melting point temp] and sterically [structurally] blocks large motions of the fatty acid chains at temperatures above Tm. In fact, high concentrations of cholesterol abolish phase transitions of bilayers. The modulating effect of cholesterol maintains the fluidity of membranes in the range required for biological function.”

“LDL (cholesterol) contains up to 80% lipid [fats and oils], including polyunsaturated fatty acids and cholesterol, mainly esters. Linoleic acids [parent omega-6], one of the most abundant fatty acids in LDL…”

Reference: “Postprandial Lipid Oxidation and Cardiovascular Disease Risk”, Bowen, Phyllis, et al., Current Atherosclerosis Reports; 6:477-484, 2004.

NEWSFLASH: It’s the processed, adulterated oils found in cooking oil sections of the supermarket that cause the majority of the cholesterol problems. The cholesterol is the transporter of a “poison” – those defective oils!

As I recently mentioned to a subscriber with high cholesterol levels, it is the STRUCTURE of the cholesterol that is important, not the quantity!

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What happened to this knowledge?!?

In 1955 Dr. Warburg gave a lecture to the German Committee for Cancer Control. It was then published in “Science” in 1956. It was also translated from German to English for the U.S. Dep’t of Health, Education & Welfare, the American Public Health Service and the National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD.

I have no idea what the American institutes did with this information, or what the German government did with it either. I can only conclude that neither government had any idea of the significance of Warburg’s cancer discoveries.

At that time, no practical preventive regimens or treatments using these discoveries had been developed, so it is somewhat understandable that the information would have been “shelved”. Unfortunately for millions of people, it was kept there.

Even by 1985 it still wasn’t brought back into the public domain for the American researchers to be made aware of. Americans at the NIH (National Institute of Health) translated Dr. Warburg’s paper, so there is no doubt that American scientists knew about this work.

In this presentation, Warburg clearly, and very systematically explained the “origin of cancer cells”. This is, in fact what his discussion/publication was entitled.

Just to briefly summarize his landmark discoveries, Warburg explained that:

1. Cancer cells obtain the majority of their energy through a completely different mechanism than a normal cell – a reversal of respiration energy and fermentation energy magnitudes.

2. All cancer cells have first suffered damaged respiration.

3. Damage to the respiration is irreversible; once created, a cancer cell can NEVER return to normal. It is a renegade forever and must be destroyed.

4. It is a simple deficiency of oxygen that destroys a cell’s respiration.

5. Without sufficient oxygen, cell structure vanishes.

6. Undeniably, no matter what the cause of oxygen deprivation, the result is the same – damage to cell respiration, causing cancer.

7. Oxygen deficiency over a 2.5 year period (even if only intermittent) as a cause of cancer was conclusively shown in 1953 in America.

8. Chronic intermittent oxygen deficiency plays a greater role in cancer development than chronic interruption of cell respiration by poisoning because poisoning kills the cell.

9. Frequent small doses of poisons or oxygen deficiency keep adding up until a threshold is reached and damage is beyond repair.

Don’t you wish this information was made known to the researchers way back in 1985 or sooner? Imagine how much further along we would be in the “war against cancer”!

Three Devastating Problems Proving Fish Oil is the Wrong Choice, Part 4

Claim: Fish oil helps diabetics and helps prevent diabetes and its complications.

Truth: Resting blood sugars are consistently higher for fish oil users.8,9,10 Insulin amounts had to be consistently increased in diabetics who were using fish oil. Glucose tolerance decreased significantly, and the insulin response was significantly blunted (a bad outcome).

To be continued…


Three Devastating Problems Proving Fish Oil is the Wrong Choice, Part 3

We will look at three of the most egregious claims by fish oil advocates. There are many more, but let’s focus on these three claims, and then the true data:


Fish oil helps give you the long-chain fats in which you are deficient.


EFA derivatives (like DHA/EPA) are normally made in extremely small percentages by a human being.1,2,3 Scientists at the USDA used very precise analysis to measure and discovered only 0.05% of ALA was converted to DHA and only 0.2% of ALA was converted to EPA. However, fish oil gives you 20x–500x the amounts of DHA/ EPA—its active components—that your body would naturally produce on its own.

These are supra-physiologic amounts and reason for great concern. Contrary to popular belief, highly accurate current analysis shows the average person (even babies) is able to convert ALA (parent omega-3) into EFA derivatives without problem.4,5,6,7


To be continued…


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Three Devastating Problems Proving Fish Oil is the Wrong Choice, Part 2

This is written for that strong, hardcore scientist that lives among us—the person who is not swayed by hype or marketing. This is the person who asks the hard questions, and doesn’t stop digging and prodding until the truth is uncovered. This is the person who asks the simple question, “How could this work be based on the science that we already know?” Are you that rare person that wants the science, and nothing but the science? If so, please read on.

Fish oil manufacturers and their advocates have claimed many things that fish oil accomplishes when included in your daily regimen. Our purpose is not to address each claim made by fish oil advocates since that will be a never-ending exercise in futility. Each time one outlandish claim is exposed, another will appear in its place. Instead, the approach we will employ is to enumerate the obvious problems in fish oil consumption by humans based solely on the biochemistry and physiology of the human being. Have you ever wondered why a human would suffer from a fish oil deficiency?

To be continued…

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Three Devastating Problems Proving Fish Oil is the Wrong Choice, Part 1

Fish oil use has many advocates and a ridiculous number of studies that apparently support the use of fish oil prophylactically, as well as to treat a laundry list of ailments.

Are over 15,000 studies showing the miraculous benefits of fish oil enough? It doesn’t look like it since countless more fish oil studies are continuously being conducted. Do you get the impression they are “trying a little too hard”? The eminent physician/statistician John Ioannidis, MD, DSc, heading Stanford University’s Preventive Research Center, has voiced his concern on more than one occasion.

Simply put, high numbers of “studies” alone can never be substituted for the incontrovertible proof and consistency that is required and exists in the hard sciences. Science is not swayed by the latest fad or poorly conceived study. However, medical scientists are human, and as such suffer from normal human weaknesses. They want to find a solution to the myriad of medical problems facing all of us today, and for the most part, want to help those around them.

Unfortunately, in their zeal to advance science, they all too often inadvertently compromise the scientific standards that have stood for centuries.

Always remember to distinguish the often inflated, well-intentioned latest findings from the unwavering rock-solid science that is at the core of the uncompromising scientist.

To be continued…