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Cholesterol – NECESSARY, Not Evil – IF its structure is correct

As the medical textbook, Molecular Biology of the Cell, makes clear on page 481, cholesterol is necessary for the structural integrity of the lipid bilayer (the structure in each of our 100 trillion cell membranes). Student Companion for Stryer’s Biochemistry clearly states cholesterol’s importance in each of your 100 trillion cell membranes on page 201:

“Cholesterol modulates the fluidity of the membranes (ed. read that sentence again and remember it!). By inserting itself between the fatty acid chains, cholesterol prevents the ‘crystallization’ at temperatures below Tm [melting point temp] and sterically [structurally] blocks large motions of the fatty acid chains at temperatures above Tm. In fact, high concentrations of cholesterol abolish phase transitions of bilayers. The modulating effect of cholesterol maintains the fluidity of membranes in the range required for biological function.”

“LDL (cholesterol) contains up to 80% lipid [fats and oils], including polyunsaturated fatty acids and cholesterol, mainly esters. Linoleic acids [parent omega-6], one of the most abundant fatty acids in LDL…”

Reference: “Postprandial Lipid Oxidation and Cardiovascular Disease Risk”, Bowen, Phyllis, et al., Current Atherosclerosis Reports; 6:477-484, 2004.

NEWSFLASH: It’s the processed, adulterated oils found in cooking oil sections of the supermarket that cause the majority of the cholesterol problems. The cholesterol is the transporter of a “poison” – those defective oils!

As I recently mentioned to a subscriber with high cholesterol levels, it is the STRUCTURE of the cholesterol that is important, not the quantity!

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