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WARNING: Fish Oil Increases Platelet Aggregation!

February 24, 2010 Leave a comment

So many people are still confused by the belief that fish oil is good for you. It isn’t!

And just to remind you once again, I thought I would share with you this quote from researchers published in The New England Journal of Medicine (all the way back in 1986):

“…In patients with atherosclerosis, prostacyclin biosynthesis…fell [decreased] by a mean [average] of 42 percent during the fish-oil period.”

What does this mean in real-world English? Hang onto your hats, here comes a doozy…

Life-Systems Engineering Science analysis: For those of you who have read my books, you may recall prostacyclin (PGI2) is the body’s natural blood thinner and keeps platelets apart naturally. The last thing a heart disease patients needs or wants is a reduction in this critical substance. CVD (cardiovascular disease) patients require MORE, NOT less PGI2 as decrease will significantly increase their risk of heart attack.

You can learn more about this by picking up a copy of “The 24-Hour Diet” or “The Hidden Story of Cancer” at

Reference: Knapp, H, et al., “In vivo indexes of platelet and vascular function during fish-oil administration in patients with atherosclerosis,” The New England Journal of Medicine, Vol. 314, April 10, 1986, No. 15, pages 937-942.


Why don’t more physicans use this information?

I am frequently asked how come the docs don’t know this information that I share in my books, publications, and talks. The best reason that I can offer is that most physicians are over-whelmed treating patient’s symptoms. Think about it: Years ago there was no Type II diabetes; years ago men in their 30s didn’t get heart attacks while today it’s common. Over 50% of us contract cancer – the average person contracts cancer today. Over 60% of us are overweight. The list goes on and on.

Almost everyone we know is sick. Physicians are overloaded with patients, and they can’t be expected to adequately understand this information; physicians simply don’t have time for it and it isn’t their fault, so YOU have to learn the correct information on your own or suffer the consequences.

Physicians have had very difficult educations. They had many medical textbooks to read quickly. Many of these I have also read. The difference is that it may have taken me a year to review and understand a textbook, whereas doctors in training had just three months to study the material and were tested with questions that emphasized treatment of symptoms without adequately understanding the body systems.

Many people think physicians understand much more than they do, but that is not their job. Physicians treat symptoms. Think of the physician as the REPAIR SHOP, not the engineer who designed and understands the system. A repair shop can fix a problem based on what the design engineers tell them. But without the engineer to clarify the way the systems function and interrelate, the car breaks again and again and will never run correctly.

In contrast, my education was in physics and engineering. Beyond learning the engineering within my discipline, I understand the general principles of engineering. Engineers are 100% accountable. We can’t make mistakes or buildings would routinely collapse, televisions would sporadically blow up, and mobile telephones would never work at all. With this understanding I am able to apply these same principles to nutrition and the human body.

My goal has always been to understand why a system is breaking and how to permanently fix it and prevent it from breaking again. Therefore, I collaborate with physicians who understand that if I do my job, I will ultimately help them do theirs.

If you pick up either of my books, “The 24-Hour Diet” or “The Hidden Story of Cancer”, as you read the material and discover for yourself this new information, make sure that you look at the references. We want you to see exactly where the information comes from and be aware of its scientific sources.

Spend some time searching some of the references online and reading through them. Once you understand the “language” of the science through my explanations it will help you to see that everything we discuss is based on science, not opinion. And that makes all the difference in the world.

To pick up your copy of either of the books mentioned above, please visit

Misunderstanding Mitochondria

On Professor Peskin’s Facebook Fanpage, a fan writes:


First, let me say I love your work and have implemented your plan; however, I ran across this statement: However “recent evidence now supports that mitochondria are not dysfunctional in
cancer cells and they contribute to the energy production like they do
in normal cells.” On this website…dukty-detail/15/. You will find the quote right next to Otto Warburgs picture. The author of the the page cites a couple of sources and provides the links. What do you think? Was Warburg wrong?

Here is Professor Peskin’s reply:

Hello Laura,

Thank you for writing, and I am delighted to hear you are also having success with the science I have shared with people around the world.

Yes, I have have seen this information before, and in “The Hidden Story of Cancer” (appendix pp 514-519) there is a major discussion on this experiment and others that you may be interested in reading to have a better understanding re. what is really being said. A lot of the science is “technospeak” and complex to those not in the industry, so I have explained it in an easy to understand way.

As is often the case, current researchers regularly misunderstand the Warburg results, or they misquote him, or misrepresent his findings.

For example, Warburg always stated the significant factor in cancer was the high RATIO of fermentation to respiration (p518).

In 1968 an extraordinary physician Joseph Gold, M.D., looked at precisely the same metabolic pathway to kill the cancer cells and prevent cachexia (severe metabolic wasting that ultimately kills many cancer victims), so this is not really “recent” as the authors in that website suggest.

The mitochondria ARE IMPAIRED irreversibly;

It is also important to understand that in the experiment cited on the page you mentioned, the researchers apparently gave a DRUG to the cells and FORCED a change in output of the cells — This was absolutely UNNATURAL. It would be akin to putting a gun to a handicapped person’s head and making them run or kill them … may get a response temporarily but NOT on its own without the forcing of the cell to perform unnaturally by inducing a drug that does not occur naturally under such circumstances.

To understand this and more in greater detail, read “The Hidden Story of Cancer” at and pick up your own self-defence mechanisms in the “War Against Cancer” that has been pretty much unsuccessful for decades due to so many researchers either not knowing or not understanding the science of Dr. Otto Warburg.

On Carbohydrate Addiction

Everywhere I travel I hear the same thing, women complaining that they will never be able to lose their addiction for sweets – a permanent carbohydrate addiction. I am sympathetic to the carb addict, in the same way I am sympathetic to the drug addict. My comparison is not meant to be funny. Both addictions will kill you. With one you’ll die with a needle in your arm, while with the other your loved ones will find you face down in a tub of ice cream. (OK, a little humor doesn’t hurt). Seriously, in both cases your body is craving a substance we know is harmful. When it comes to drugs, would anyone suggest continuing this devastating addiction? Of course not. In the same way no one should suggest feeding your carb addiction.

Following the science in my book “The 24-Hour Diet” may cure you of this addiction. It already has for peole around the world. It makes no difference how much you currently weigh, your sex, your nationality, your religion… nothing. All you need is a small amount of desire to trust the science you will discover for just 24 hours. Trust me. You CAN do this.

My friend Jill says it best. “We went to my neighbor’s last night for dessert. It was the best feeling to be able to sit around her table and talk (with the desserts right under my nose) and not feel held captive by the desire to eat them! Because you know how it used to be for you – you take one plateful and then another and then another. I feel SO FREE of that horrible ‘after dessert binge’ feeling! I left her house feeling great! YOUR PROGRAM WORKS.”

If you would like to learn more, please visit and pick up a copy of “The 24-Hour Diet” today. The science will not desert you.

The “Calorie Theory” (i.e. calorie GUESS) is Incomplete

For decades, we have all been told that “calories” consumed minus “calories” expended equals the amount of weight gain or loss. But this overly simplistic view has caused widespread suffering, because when it fails, the dieter feels responsible for the failure. I want to make it very clear that the “experts” have failed YOU.


It’s hard to believe, but many nutritionists and physicians have an incomplete understanding of how food is used by your body. That’s right. This misunderstanding leads to a variety of problems. The “calorie theory” of weight gain and loss has led everyone down the wrong path because it is incomplete. But a real understanding of how calories work will allow you to make practical use of this misunderstood theory and become lean-for-life.


There is much more to how you become overweight than just “more calories consumed than burned up.” Physicians, nutritionists, and the popular press all promote the idea that the calorie content of food is the whole story. Unfortunately, they do not fully understand how your body distinguishes among carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. Each of these three different food groups has a different role in the human body. Therefore, the body treats each food group very differently.

Most nutritionists believe in the heat engine analogy. Engineers call this field thermodynamics, and I studied it. But humans are NOT HEAT ENGINES, burning everything we eat like wood in a fireplace. Calorie theory proponents ignore the fact that humans eat for structure – making muscles, hormones, enzymes, antibodies, and bones – not merely to generate energy by “burning” the food. If we must make a comparison, a body is much more like a chemical factory than an heat engine. As a chemical factory, we convert food into complex substances and structures. Furthermore, our body maintains the same temperature throughout. If the heat engine analogy was correct, we would measure a vastly different temperature between our feet and our head. We don’t.

The great news is that certain foods can be eaten that will NOT make you fat – regardless of calorie content.

No one is eating “calories”. We eat food. “Calories” are merely a measure of POSSIBLE energy available from burning each food. This measurement doesn’t take into account what that particular food is being used for by your body.

Let’s leave you here (for now) with a real life example of this:

In April 2003, Harvard University found people on a low carbohydrate diet could eat 25,000 MORE CALORIES than those on a high-carbohydrate diet and at the end of the 12-week study, THEY GAINED ZERO POUNDS!

That’s right. No. Weight. Gain.

(The directory of the study was mystified because she too had believed that a calorie is a calorie, regardless of what food it comes from. LOL)

If you want to learn more about the calorie theory and how to take advantage of it to become lean-for-life, pick up a copy of Professor Peskin’s The 24-Hour Diet at You will NOT regret it!

Industry Reversal: “CRP is Unlikely to be Causal for CVD.”

January 17, 2010 2 comments
Given the extremely difficult economic times that many of us are facing, let me help you maximize your health with “science – not opinion.”

Let me share with you one of several “reversals of common nutritional recommendations” that took place at the end of last year, beginning of this year. Personally, I get sick of seeing these reversals year-after-year. Does anyone get it right the first time before they publish misinformation and harm everyone who trusts the sources and follows it? Rarely.

This “reversal” has to do with the JUPITER (google this for more background information) study and their claim that it NOW isn’t LDL-cholesterol that is the cause of heart disease; because statins lower it and the heart attacks still occur just as frequently. They are attempting to claim that C-Reactive Protein (CRP) – a supposed measure of inflammation is the real culprit and that statins somehow improve it. If you read my Report about the Failure of Statins (, you’d understand their grave fallacy. Furthermore, here’s what was published in the medical journal December 22, 2009:

“Largest-Ever-Meta-Analysis Finds CRP is Unlikely to be Causal for CVD.”

“In the largest and most comprehensive meta-analysis to date looking at C-reactive-protein (CRP) levels and risk of coronary heart disease (CHD) and stroke, British researchers conclude that CRP is unlikely to be a causal factor for cardiovascular disease” [Lancet: December 21, 2009].

So the drug companies tell us that their statins are STILL GOOD at reducing heart disease (in order to keep selling their harmful bullets) while science disproves it! Hmmm….

Once gain, the FAILURE of statins to stop or reverse heart disease is proven regardless of the $15 billion dollars Americans spend on the worthless drugs! That’s the truth that the pharmaceutical companies do not want you or your physician to know. The correct way to stop or reverse heart disease is by consuming unprocessed, unadulterated parent omega-6 oils.

Learn more science-not-opinion at

Usable Protein Contained in Eggs Versus Rice and Beans

January 17, 2010 1 comment
An egg white is an ideal protein with a rating of 100% digestibility. On the other hand, the protein in brown rice is ONLY 59% usable and that in beans is ONLY 49% usable because of their fiber and other anti-nutritional factors such as those mentioned in [a 2005 report by the Association of Official Analytical Chemists International (AOAC)]. Therefore, the usability of the protein in rice and beans is approximately half that of an egg!

Now, couple this with the fact that the rice and beans contain only about half the quantity of protein that is in a comparable quantity of eggs. So rice and beans have half the protein of eggs, and THAT protein is only half as usable as that in eggs. This means that the rice and beans have AT MOST a mere one-fourth the usable protein amount of eggs. No problem, you say – I’ll just eat more of the rice and beans! Wrong. To get a pound’s worth of animal-based protein, you’d need four pounds of rice and beans! This poses three problems.

First, you could not eat four pounds of rice and beans daily. Your stomach couldn’t handle the immense volume and you’ll be unbelievably bloated all the time. Second, rice and beans contain huge amounts of carbohydrate, which will make your blood sugar levels soar! Ultimately, eating so much of these foods will make you “balloon” up to the size of a house due to insulin’s fat-storage response. Lastly, you won’t get your B vitamin requirements (like niacin) from non-animal protein sources like cereal or rice, either. Clearly, increasing your consumption of animal-based protein and reducing the carbohydrate-rich foods is the way to stay lean-for-life.


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