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Phytates are Mineral Magnets, or “Was Popeye a Propaganda Tool?”

February 27, 2010 Leave a comment

Iron and other minerals required for cellular respiration aren’t usable by humans if they are ingested in plant or vegetable foods, because plants contain phytates. Phytates biochemically lock up the minerals with the plant fiber, rendering them unusable. This makes minerals, as well as the fiber, UNUSABLE BY HUMAN cells. That’s why it was shown, and reported in the “Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 2000,71:446-471,” that WOMEN EATING THE MOST FIBER AND THE LOWEST AMOUNT OF FAT HAD 20% LOWER CALCIUM RETENTION.

Eating meat did NOTHING to increase colon cancer risk. Yet this shocking result hasn’t been reported in the popular press. “Fiber fiction” has run rampant in America for many years.

An exceptional article was written for the general public in 1997 by “Albion Research Notes – A Compilation of Vital Research Updates on Human Nutrition”, Albion Laboratories, Clearfield, UT (Vo.. 6, No. 2, June 1997). Here is what it said:

“Natural sources of fiber, such as cereals and fruits, generally have a DEPRESSING EFFECT on absorption of minerals such as calcium, iron, zinc, and copper.” Imagine taking mineral supplements and still going into a negative balance for the very minerals that are being supplemented! Too few of us saw this important paper.

Minerals can’t be separated from the fiber in human digestion so, because you aren’t a cow with four stomachs designed to accomplish that difficult task, you can’t make effective use of the minerals in plants. “Consumer Reports on Health” reported on this – in fact, the magazine actually published the statement that eating spinach was worthless for obtaining necessary iron. It’s “in there” but not usable for a human being.

We keep getting misled with what sounds good, but isn’t based on science.

Phytates TAKE OUT MINERALS (the respiratory co-enzymes Dr. Warburg speaks of) – JUST THE OPPOSITE of what we desire and require to avoid contracting cancer.

Think of fiber as bad “mineral magnets”, removing the precious minerals from your body and inhibiting oxygen transfer through the blood, whereas EFAs are the good “oxygen magnets”, helping bring an abundance of needed oxygen into your cells.

So… was Popeye created by the farming lobbyists wanting to brain wash us into believing that spinach would give us energy?

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On Carbohydrate Addiction

Everywhere I travel I hear the same thing, women complaining that they will never be able to lose their addiction for sweets – a permanent carbohydrate addiction. I am sympathetic to the carb addict, in the same way I am sympathetic to the drug addict. My comparison is not meant to be funny. Both addictions will kill you. With one you’ll die with a needle in your arm, while with the other your loved ones will find you face down in a tub of ice cream. (OK, a little humor doesn’t hurt). Seriously, in both cases your body is craving a substance we know is harmful. When it comes to drugs, would anyone suggest continuing this devastating addiction? Of course not. In the same way no one should suggest feeding your carb addiction.

Following the science in my book “The 24-Hour Diet” may cure you of this addiction. It already has for peole around the world. It makes no difference how much you currently weigh, your sex, your nationality, your religion… nothing. All you need is a small amount of desire to trust the science you will discover for just 24 hours. Trust me. You CAN do this.

My friend Jill says it best. “We went to my neighbor’s last night for dessert. It was the best feeling to be able to sit around her table and talk (with the desserts right under my nose) and not feel held captive by the desire to eat them! Because you know how it used to be for you – you take one plateful and then another and then another. I feel SO FREE of that horrible ‘after dessert binge’ feeling! I left her house feeling great! YOUR PROGRAM WORKS.”

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The “Calorie Theory” (i.e. calorie GUESS) is Incomplete

For decades, we have all been told that “calories” consumed minus “calories” expended equals the amount of weight gain or loss. But this overly simplistic view has caused widespread suffering, because when it fails, the dieter feels responsible for the failure. I want to make it very clear that the “experts” have failed YOU.


It’s hard to believe, but many nutritionists and physicians have an incomplete understanding of how food is used by your body. That’s right. This misunderstanding leads to a variety of problems. The “calorie theory” of weight gain and loss has led everyone down the wrong path because it is incomplete. But a real understanding of how calories work will allow you to make practical use of this misunderstood theory and become lean-for-life.


There is much more to how you become overweight than just “more calories consumed than burned up.” Physicians, nutritionists, and the popular press all promote the idea that the calorie content of food is the whole story. Unfortunately, they do not fully understand how your body distinguishes among carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. Each of these three different food groups has a different role in the human body. Therefore, the body treats each food group very differently.

Most nutritionists believe in the heat engine analogy. Engineers call this field thermodynamics, and I studied it. But humans are NOT HEAT ENGINES, burning everything we eat like wood in a fireplace. Calorie theory proponents ignore the fact that humans eat for structure – making muscles, hormones, enzymes, antibodies, and bones – not merely to generate energy by “burning” the food. If we must make a comparison, a body is much more like a chemical factory than an heat engine. As a chemical factory, we convert food into complex substances and structures. Furthermore, our body maintains the same temperature throughout. If the heat engine analogy was correct, we would measure a vastly different temperature between our feet and our head. We don’t.

The great news is that certain foods can be eaten that will NOT make you fat – regardless of calorie content.

No one is eating “calories”. We eat food. “Calories” are merely a measure of POSSIBLE energy available from burning each food. This measurement doesn’t take into account what that particular food is being used for by your body.

Let’s leave you here (for now) with a real life example of this:

In April 2003, Harvard University found people on a low carbohydrate diet could eat 25,000 MORE CALORIES than those on a high-carbohydrate diet and at the end of the 12-week study, THEY GAINED ZERO POUNDS!

That’s right. No. Weight. Gain.

(The directory of the study was mystified because she too had believed that a calorie is a calorie, regardless of what food it comes from. LOL)

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Usable Protein Contained in Eggs Versus Rice and Beans

January 17, 2010 1 comment
An egg white is an ideal protein with a rating of 100% digestibility. On the other hand, the protein in brown rice is ONLY 59% usable and that in beans is ONLY 49% usable because of their fiber and other anti-nutritional factors such as those mentioned in [a 2005 report by the Association of Official Analytical Chemists International (AOAC)]. Therefore, the usability of the protein in rice and beans is approximately half that of an egg!

Now, couple this with the fact that the rice and beans contain only about half the quantity of protein that is in a comparable quantity of eggs. So rice and beans have half the protein of eggs, and THAT protein is only half as usable as that in eggs. This means that the rice and beans have AT MOST a mere one-fourth the usable protein amount of eggs. No problem, you say – I’ll just eat more of the rice and beans! Wrong. To get a pound’s worth of animal-based protein, you’d need four pounds of rice and beans! This poses three problems.

First, you could not eat four pounds of rice and beans daily. Your stomach couldn’t handle the immense volume and you’ll be unbelievably bloated all the time. Second, rice and beans contain huge amounts of carbohydrate, which will make your blood sugar levels soar! Ultimately, eating so much of these foods will make you “balloon” up to the size of a house due to insulin’s fat-storage response. Lastly, you won’t get your B vitamin requirements (like niacin) from non-animal protein sources like cereal or rice, either. Clearly, increasing your consumption of animal-based protein and reducing the carbohydrate-rich foods is the way to stay lean-for-life.


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The 100 Trillion Cell Membranes in Your Body Contain 50% Fat

That’s right. Natural fat is critical to every cell in your body. In order to remain healthy, you need to eat fat daily and the medical science below proves it.

In the previous note we talked about an article written by Jane Brody of the New York Times. In the same article, Dr. Willet from Harvard University’s School of Public Health, stated that:

“The total percentage of total fat in our diet probably doesn’t make much of a difference. It’s about time we discard that recommendation altogether and focus on what is really important: the type of fat.”

Unfortunately, too few heard about or acted on this insightful message. The problem with nutritional recommendations regarding fat is that all types of fat are lumped together and incorrectly termed “bad”.


It is only a particular type of fat, the harmful man-made processed transfats, including partially hydrogenated oils, which need to be minimized. Transfats are found in margarine, hydrogenated peanut butter, and thousands of foods, including may frozen entrees, etc. While it is good news that transfats are being banned, they are being replaced with adulterated fats that are as bad, if not worse.

The low-fat, high-carbohydrate eating experiment that has been perpetuated on the entire American population over the past 50 years has caused most Americans to obtain completely inadequate amounts of the parent essential oils the body requires and craves from food.

NEWSFLASH: The nutritional field doesn’t change recommendations based on the latest scientific findings!

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Women’s Hormones Altered by Carbohydrates and Transfats

“Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine, 13th, Edition” makes it clear that carbohydrates and harmful transfats alter women’s hormonal systems:

“Polycystic ovary disorder, running rampant in young women, is strongly associated with insulin resistance caused by the hormonal disruption of overeating carbohydrates and transfats.”

Women need to know that their delicate hormones are made from the required NATURAL fats. On a low-fat diet, you compromise your health.

Women – a low-fat or no-fat diet often causes monthly hormonal irregularity!

Dr. Frank Hu, of Harvard University, is quoted in a 1997 New York Times health column article by Jane Brody (“Women’s Health Risk Linked to Kinds of Fats, Not Total”):

“Here we’re talking total fat being almost irrelevant to heart-disease risk and emphasizing the type of fat. I think it’s going to be very controversial in that respect.”

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No, You are NOT Constipated…

When following a higher protein diet, many people mistakenly think that they are constipated because there is very little elimination. there is no pain, just no volume. Why? Because protein is so nutrient dense, there is little waste. Likewise, there is little waste with fats, either. But carbohydrates are significantly different. Because they are nonessential iin the body, and much of their bulk must be eliminated from the body, it is only the carbohydrates that generate significant waste.

Eat a big steak and nothing else. You will be shocked at how little elimination is required because humans make use of nearly all of it.

Anyoone wishing to improve their digestion and elimination through nutritional supplementation should also consider an essiac-concept tea with fulvic.

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