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The Story of Professor Brian S. Peskin

Brian has always had one goal – to help people — regardless of personal sacrifice. But despite his integrity, Brian has suffered a lot of criticism and even slander as reward for his hard work.

Brian is not alone. Many other health researchers have also spoken the truth and were chastised for it. These men were called “quacks” until they were finally vindicated when their discoveries were proven true years later:

• Penicillin ­ discovered by the Nobel Prize-winner Alexander Flemming.
• Ulcers caused by bacteria, NOT “stress.” The discoverers were finally awarded a Nobel Prize in 2005.
• The importance of sanitizing hands before surgery and childbirth to prevent infections ­ discovered by Dr. Ignaz Semmelweis in 1848 ­ no one listened for 50 years. Click here to read the sad story of Dr. Semmelweis.
• Citrus to prevent scurvy – discovered by James Lind and called “witchcraft” at the time

Joining the ranks of these proactive men is Brian Peskin. Brian’s great genius is “connecting the dots” between established sciences that usually remain separated, and coupling his findings with real-life results. He combines theory with practicality in a very unique way. Even thought Brian does not always take credit for the science he has studied – he is often only the messenger of the information already published in leading medical textbooks and medical journals — he has also been called a “quack.

”Brian attended the world’s leading engineering institution, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), where he studied highly complex mathematics, engineering and physics, along with probability and statistics. He has also studied biochemistry and physiology. Brian’s various fields of study give him a unique systems perspective when applied to health and nutrition. Electrical engineering is an exact science. There is no room for guesses, assumptions or errors. Brian’s findings with regards to health have a firm foundation based on incredibly high scientific standards, which are, unfortunately, often nonexistent in the field of nutritional research. That’s why so many studies keep getting reversed and no one knows what to believe.

Applying exacting science and experiment to further our health is the approach Brian uses in his search for the truth. There is no one else in the world who applies this approach to the nutritional field! Brian has been called by Dr. Robert Nemer, – cosmetic physician, “The most insightful quantum nutritionist of our age.”

In formulizing his nutritional recommendations, Brian often relies on complex systems analysis tools, which emphasize the entire system and not isolated effects or results. Borrowing from his MIT engineering background, this systems analysis allows Brian to view the issues without the subjective bias that years of conventional medical training often imposes on even the most open-minded of doctors and nutritionists. Because a scientist is trained from the beginning to think “inside the box” in their field – rarely do they think outside of that box, or frequently compare their “knowledge” to other fields that may cross over. Brian doesn’t constrict himself to these confines.
  Despite the fact that all of the science Brian bases his discoveries on is found in the world’s leading medical textbooks and medical journals, Brian has been slandered and ridiculed for his recommendations. But as Brian himself has said all along, it’s not HIS science – he’s simply the messenger. Brian utilizes established proven scientific discoveries already tested by the world’s greatest minds. This science rarely makes it to the popular press, radio, or television. Making others aware of this science a major part of Brian’s calling in life!

What sets Brian vastly apart from popular health researchers is that he’s the FIRST to bring all of the vital information together, “connecting the dots,” and develop state-of-the-art practical application to maximizing your health and well-being.

In 1995, Brian created the new science of maximizing desired results by working cooperatively with the natural processes of living systems. He termed this discovery Life-Systems Engineering Science. Dr. James Douglas, former President of Texas Southern University (1998) said, “[H]is nutritional discoveries and practical applications through Life-Systems Engineering [Science] are unprecedented.”

Brian found that his destiny was not to be in electrical engineering, although his scientific training as an engineer would be his greatest asset in his research. He researches all health and nutritional sciences so thoroughly because he views an input called “food” with an associated output called “health.” These are standard systems engineering concepts. He looks at our biological systems and how they worked together, with the precise mind of an engineer.

How did Brian get started on his groundbreaking research? Back in 1990 Brian’s wife Debra became diabetic, despite always taking good care of herself and doing everything “right” – eating low fat foods and exercising constantly.

Debbie went to a clinic to help her with her diabetes, but instead of making her better, she got worse! She’d been there for an entire week being told to consume plenty of “complex carbohydrates” like brown rice, and her sugar levels had worsened! This angered Brian and he decided then that he was going to get to the bottom of the problem and do whatever he could to help her by doing his own scientifically based research.

Brian went to the Houston Academy of Medicine-Texas Medical Center Library – with over 300,000 monographs and 1,000 journals on-line, considered to be one of the best in the country. He spent long hours studying everything he could find from leading medical textbooks and medical journals. He avoided reports and articles based on opinion as well as those that might have been biased or inherently incomplete or inconclusive, or stating statistically incorrect recommendations. The popular press doesn’t understand how they’ve been misled. Being schooled in statistics, Brian can quickly determine which experiments and studies have been correctly analyzed and which conclusions are incorrect. Unfortunately, most studies are improperly performed and their stated conclusions are incorrect and that is why recommendations are frequently reversed years later. Brian’s recommendations have never been reversed because they are scientifically correct to begin with. To the contrary, his mission is to “leads the pack,” and never follow “politically correct” yet wrong recommendations.

During his initial studies, it didn’t take long for Brian to realize that he’d found his true destiny! He took no salary for 2 years while his wife supported him. He spent years researching information about health and nutrition. The more he researched, the more astounded he was to find that everything he thought he knew about health and nutrition was WRONG!

Just like the rest of us, Brian had always believed what he’d heard or read in the popular press:

• Low-fat diets are healthy
• Calorie restriction alone will keep you thin
• Exercise keeps you healthy
• Saturated fats will kill you
• Following popular nutritional recommendations keep diabetes away…

As you can imagine, when he learned that almost all popular nutritional advice was WRONG and had NO scientific basis, he was SHOCKED! Opinion – not science was rampant. Immediately he felt the burning desire to bring the truth to as many people as he could.

Brian has compared his discoveries to being “woken up from the Matrix” (as in the movie). This information was so vitally important and would make a huge impact on the health of everyone. He decided that he had to get the word out any way possible. His desire has always been to help others lead healthier and fuller lives.

Brian’s intense research is still going on to this day! Because of this, Brian is considered by many to be the foremost authority on human nutrition.

Early in his research Brian discovered that due to modern growing methods and food processing, essential nutrients were missing from our food. He researched these nutrients intensely, then tried to find a way to get enough of them either in food or supplements, but had little success. No one was formulating and manufacturing the nutrients we need in the proper bio-available form. Brian found outlets to get the ingredients and even started making some of the supplements in his own kitchen.

Not only are our foods missing essential nutrients, but the foods recommended for better health are often more harmful that good. According to the best, most accurate scientific research Brian continues to study, the nutritional recommendations made over the previous 50 years or so have been completely backwards to what is right. Knowing what he knows now, Brian is not surprised by the deplorable state of our health in America. It’s no wonder our health care system is on the verge of collapse. The frustrating thing is that most everyone who is suffering so much with ill-health has believed they’ve been doing the “right” things over the past 30-50 years. The recommended “health solutions” have actually been the cause of our ill-health.

Eventually Brian started his own company, Maximum Efficiency Products, where he could publish the science he’d discovered and also sell his unique nutritional supplements. He compiled the information he discovered in his research into his first landmark book titled Radiant Health: Moving Beyond the Zone (out of print), which sold 125,000 copies between the years 1996 – 2002.

Brian’s message spread and his business grew quickly. The Radiant Health supplements and educational material eventually reached both television and radio “infomercial’s.” Interested parties overseas were moved by his years of hard work and exceptional products and Brian has continued to make contacts around the world who’ve benefited through his nutritional research.

Brian is now working as an independent nutritional consultant, with corporate clients around-the-world, continuing his research and educating others. Brian has written the definitive EFA report titled, The Scientific Calculation of the Optimum Omega 6/3 Ratio. This groundbreaking, scientific analysis – the world’s first – sets the record straight on purely scientific grounds, what the parent omega 6/3 ratio should be. Unfortunately, too few are getting this correct information and unknowingly harming themselves!

Brian has helped millions of people around the world with his hard work and dedication. His life revolves around state-of-the-art scientific research coupled with tremendous, original insights. His research is ongoing, so you can be assured that he will bring you the very latest and best in sound nutritional advice always based strictly on science – not opinion. A growing number of physicians around the world trust Brian because of this.

With all of the confusion about health and nutrition prevalent in our world today, we need someone who can read between the lines, “connecting the dots,” and making sense out of what is true versus opinion. Brian has made it his life’s work to be that most trusted authority.

Brian Peskin earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.) in 1979. He received an appointment as an Adjunct Professor at Texas Southern University in the Department of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (1998-1999). The former president of the University said of Brian’s discoveries: “…His nutritional discoveries and practical applications through Life-Systems Engineering are unprecedented.”

Brian founded the field of Life-Systems Engineering Science in 1995. This field is defined as The New Science of Maximizing Desired Results by Working Cooperatively with the Natural Processes of Living Systems.