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On Carbohydrate Addiction

Everywhere I travel I hear the same thing, women complaining that they will never be able to lose their addiction for sweets – a permanent carbohydrate addiction. I am sympathetic to the carb addict, in the same way I am sympathetic to the drug addict. My comparison is not meant to be funny. Both addictions will kill you. With one you’ll die with a needle in your arm, while with the other your loved ones will find you face down in a tub of ice cream. (OK, a little humor doesn’t hurt). Seriously, in both cases your body is craving a substance we know is harmful. When it comes to drugs, would anyone suggest continuing this devastating addiction? Of course not. In the same way no one should suggest feeding your carb addiction.

Following the science in my book “The 24-Hour Diet” may cure you of this addiction. It already has for peole around the world. It makes no difference how much you currently weigh, your sex, your nationality, your religion… nothing. All you need is a small amount of desire to trust the science you will discover for just 24 hours. Trust me. You CAN do this.

My friend Jill says it best. “We went to my neighbor’s last night for dessert. It was the best feeling to be able to sit around her table and talk (with the desserts right under my nose) and not feel held captive by the desire to eat them! Because you know how it used to be for you – you take one plateful and then another and then another. I feel SO FREE of that horrible ‘after dessert binge’ feeling! I left her house feeling great! YOUR PROGRAM WORKS.”

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Carbohydrates Make You Fatter

Here’s an excellent quote from “Textbook of Medical Physiology”:

An excess of carbohydrates in the diet not only acts as a deterrent to fat-burning but also increases the fat in the fat stores [making you fatter].

That’s a double negative whammy!


Eat too manycarbs and, as the medical textbook “Basic Medical Biochemistry” clearnly tells us, lots of saturated fat will be made from them. Few of us understand that carbohydrates make saturated fat right IN THE BODY. That’s right, your body makes saturated fats from the carbohydrates you eat. However, eating saturated fat DOESN’T go to stored saturated fat in your body or even in your arteries.

Want to learn more about this mechanism and how we use it to stay lean for life?

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No, You are NOT Constipated…

When following a higher protein diet, many people mistakenly think that they are constipated because there is very little elimination. there is no pain, just no volume. Why? Because protein is so nutrient dense, there is little waste. Likewise, there is little waste with fats, either. But carbohydrates are significantly different. Because they are nonessential iin the body, and much of their bulk must be eliminated from the body, it is only the carbohydrates that generate significant waste.

Eat a big steak and nothing else. You will be shocked at how little elimination is required because humans make use of nearly all of it.

Anyoone wishing to improve their digestion and elimination through nutritional supplementation should also consider an essiac-concept tea with fulvic.

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