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“The 24-Hour Diet”, Physician and Other’s Accolades

• “I am delighted to come across scientific work which is not only of ex- cellent quality, but is applicable. I have been on a low carbohydrate diet for approximately a year now, but I have been aware that there was still something missing. Your program has filled in the blanks. I have seen for myself remarkable results with the Peskin Protocol and PEOs (Parent Es- sential Oils).”

—Carolyn B., M.D. (Ireland)

• “Prof. Peskin takes the problems of obesity and food cravings back to root causes, using understandable science to dispel the misinformation and confusion, then delivering a beautifully simple diet solution which has literally been right under our noses. Best of all, the solution is easily applied by anyone, anywhere, and it works immediately! You will especially like the Food Utilization Chart and great tasting recipes. You’ll be empowered as you become lean, fit, and more energetic.”

—Brian N. Vonk, M.D.

(Board certified: Internist, Cardiologist, & Radiologist)

• “As an endocrinologist specializing in diabetes, I am delighted to see this book. Finally, my patients can see what is making them overweight, based on science–not opinion. Prof. Peskin’s program can be followed by even my most carbohydrate-addicted patients. This program offers an amazing solution to the obesity epidemic.”

—Amid Habib, M.D., Endocrinologist (Diabetes Specialist)

• “Amazing isn’t the word for it. Finally, a ‘DIET BOOK’ that my patients can follow. You can call it a diet; I call it a ‘nutritional lifestyle.’ The science- validated principles give you control over your nutritional destiny, the potential for long-term health, and success in becoming lean-for-life: ‘one- day-at-a-time.’”

—David Sim, M.D., F.A.C.C. Cardiologist

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They Ignored This Back in 1940, Too!

Dr. Daniel Munro, M.D. was an early proponent of the high protein diet and he wrote about it in a book.

He stated in his book “Man alive, you’re half dead” back in 1940, that “herbivorous animals, such as the cow or sheep, eating only vegetable food, have specialized digestion. They are equipped to eat large quantities of food in proportion to their size, COMPARED TO HUMANS. They all first alkalize their food by much chewing (their saliva being alkali), and they all RE-CHEW THEIR FOOD for a long time (chewing the cud). They all have a large sack or pouch, where man has a tiny appendix.

“Man, with his small appendix, seems plainly in the class of meat-eating animals, rather than the herbivorous animals with their large pouches. WE CANNOT CHEW OUR CUD.

“Physiology of digestion was ignored. Let’s begin to think about it now…”

This was back in 1940, folks! Unfortunately, barely anyone took the time to think about this. Even back in 1940 it was not politically correct to extol the virtues of red meat. We can trace the unfortunate birth of politically correct nutritional science to this period, and widespread obesity and bad health have been the result – a nation bursting at the seams, overweight, exhausted, and susceptible to a myriad of illnesses.

Even now people try to “justify” vegetarianism by repeating the myth that our digestive tract is more like a sheep’s than a wolf’s. This is simply not true. For an excellent comparison of the carnivore, vs. herbivore, vs. man, take a look at this table:

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Brain Health

Did you know that your brain is 60% fat? Much of it is supposed to be EFA-based. With a potential EFA deficiency solved (and I talk about this in my books), your brain will run with maximum speed, better focus, better clarity and improved memory.

It is expected, although we have not proven, that Alzheimer’s occurrences would decrease if EFA deficiencies were eliminated.

ADD and ADHD have become rampant illnesses with no end in sight. A significent number of ADD children (40%) had significant deficiencies of EFAs as measured in their blood in studies*.

Children with attention issues have been seen to improve dramatically when their diets are supplemented with the correct blend of omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids (2.5:1 to 1:1)

It makes good sense to have the correct combination of parent essential oils in your body as high as you possibly can for the best health in all respcts.

Read more at today or pick up a copy of “The Hidden Story of Cancer”, or “The 24-Hour Diet” today.

* “Attention Please,”, by Rafael Avila, ‘Energy Times’, December 1996, pages 52-58, published in the ‘American Journal of Clinical Nutrition’.

Big & Strong… like Cow?

Infants on “soy formula” have experienced thyroid problems. How many people realize how damaging cow milk is to the human body?

In fact there is an 18% HIGHER incidence in autoimmune thyroid disease in infants on soy (see J Am Coll Nutr 1990, Apr; 9(2):164-167).

Not only that, another study showd that soy-formula infants went on to become diabetic twice as often compared to breast-fed infants (see J Am Coll Nutr, 1986; 5(5): 439-441).

Use real human mother’s milk, or goat milk; goat milk is much closer to human milk than cow’s milk.

Cow’s milk was made for cows, not for humans. Cows grow to within 80% of their full-grown weight within the first eight months of life. The brain development is MUCH less pronounced (how smart is a cow?). This is especially true when compared with humans who have rapid brain development in comparison to their bodies.

Do you want your child to grow up to be “as strong as a cow”?

Have you ever noticed that humans are the only mammals who continue to drink milk through their entire life? Have you ever seen an adult dog suckling at the teat of it’s mother? I didn’t think so. So why would nature make humans so weak they think they need milk their entire life? A mammal with a deficiency like that would have become extinct long ago.

Also, have you ever seen a cat regularly drinking the milk of a dog? No other mammal other than humans drink the milk of other animals. Why do we want to fill ourselves with COW HORMONES?!?

Milk processing nightmares aside… why would we? Have we already become as stupid as cows?

Think about it…

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Brain Functions Best on Lactose NOT Glucose During Exercise

NEWSFLASH November 2008: The “Experts” are wrong again… the brain loves lactose during exercise!

Once again, the “experts” have misled us. First, they told us that our brain wants to run exclusively on sugar (glucose) and that sugar is its preferred fuel. This is absolutely incorrect. Your brain wants to run on ketones produced from burning your own bodyfat, NOT sugar. (see my book “The 24-Hour Diet” copyright 2009 pp 122-131 for the scientific proof of this). When carbohydrates are minimized, the brain naturally obtains all the energy it needs from running on your own bodyfat. It is only when overdosiing on carbs that this mechanism is short-circuited.

So now the truth has emerged that even during exercise, your brain runs on lactate from your muscles, not sugar (glucose).

From Medical News Today*:

Human Brain Feeds on Lactate Not Glucose During Exercise.

“Researchers in Denmark and The Netherlands have discovered that during exercise, the human brain shifts into a higher gear and uses an “alternative energy” source: it does not feed on glucose but on lactate.

“… above a certain level of exercise, as it becomes more strenuous, the muscles shift to another way of making energy, using anerobic respiration, which involves lactate production and does not use oxygen.

“The researchers showed not only that the brain runs on lactate during exercise, but it actually shifts into a higher gear in terms of activity. The said that the findings will open up new areas of brain research that will seek to understand what lactate does to the brain.

“The finding challenges a long held view that the brain is strictly a glucose fuel burner and that only the muscles switch to the lactate alternative. It also adds weight to the idea that lactate is not just a toxic byproduct of exercise, but a rich supplemental source of energy and that the body has sophisticated mechanisms for optimizing where it gets energy from.”

This research shows us that, contrary to popular belief, the brain functions best NOT on glucose, but on lactate during exercise [and on ketones from burning your own fat the rest of the time as the medical textbooks make clear]! The fact that ketones are the preferred brain fuel was known decades ago and published in the world’s leading medical textbooks. The “long-held view” that the brain wants glucose during exercise could have been checked and disproved quickly and easily by any nutritionist, sports doctor or health writer instead of their merely assuming the incorrect view. Be very careful of trusting the so-called “experts”.

* For reference to this article, please review “The 24-Hour Diet”, page 255. You can get a copy of “The 24-Hour Diet” by Professor Peskin by visiting, today.

The Parrots are the Problem

Scientists already know how to keep us lean-for-life but the popular press misinterprets most of what they say.

The cause of the weight and health problem is given as its solution! Although there have been attempts by nutritional authors to give you the full story about what is required to become lean-for-life and energized, most of their plans lack critical insight. By following incorrect nutritional recommendations, many of us have harmed our metabolisms. Improper nutrition has made us ill and overweight. We’ve become perpetually sick, overweight, and exhausted as a result.

Did you realize that when your body stores excess carbohydrates (sugar) as fat it is saving your life? It’s true. Your body is removing the sugar from your blood, since the sugar in your blood is regulated to very tight tolerances. Unfortunately, once removed from the blood, the sugar is stored as body fat. You’r fatter but still alive.

Look closely at the “facts” about what you “believe is correct” concerning eating habits, diet, and exercise, compared to the scientific facts.

In nutrition, science and “conventional wisdom” are at odds. Other fields like physics, engineering, or construction would never allow “conventional wisdom” to trump science. If what sounded right was used as fact, buildings would routinely collapse, televisions would blow up in your face and telephones would never work. There would be public outrage. But when it comes to our health, we seem to get absolutely nowhere. We are deluged almost daily with information on how sick, diabetic, and overweight everye is, yet the “solutions” provided are damaging our health or are just plain worthless. once you discover the science of how you really work, based on simple human physiology and biochemistry, becoming lean-for-life and energized is very easy.

The misinterpretation goes something like this:

A (scientist) to B: “According to Voet’s Biochemistry and other medical textbooks dietary fat CANNOT become body fat. The calorie theory is unscientific and misleading. But excess body fat is bad for people.”

B: “I know.”

B to C (nutritionist): “Too much body fat is bad for people.”

C: “Then we should tell everyone to eat low-fat”.

C to D (press): “We must stay away from fat because it’s bad!”

D: “Eating fat will kill you!”

Mass Media Reports: “If you eat fat you will get fat. Let’s have a walk-a-thon so everyone will know about the danger of dietary fat!”

We really must put an end to “parroting” misinformation.

To learn more about this and more, please visit or pick up a copy of “The 24-Hour Diet” today from Professor Peskin’s website.

Understanding EFA Supplement Labeling

Some supplement manufacturers’ labels fail to separately identify and distinguish between the parent EFAs from the EFA derivatives, making it difficult to tell whether you are getting parent EFAs or EFA derivatives. Parent Ometa-6 is called linoleic acid, or “LA”. Parent Omega-3 is called alpha-linolenic acid, or “ALA”. Make sure of what you’re getting before you purchase a pre-formulated supplement.

The reason why we mention this, is because your body naturally produces all of the derivatives it needs from the parent essential oils. Taking derivatives can lead to an imbalance in EFAs within your body, and possible health-related issues may arise.

Here is a table of the most common EFA derivatives:

Common Derivatives of Parent Omega-6:

GLA (Gamma-linolenic Acid)

CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid)

Common Derivatives of Parent Omega-3:

EPA (Eicosapentaeonic Acid)

DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid)

IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU MAKE SURE THE OILS ARE RAW, UNPROCESSED, AND ORGANIC – not heated or chemically treated. Otherwise, in your attempt to prevent cancer, you may be actually harming yourself with carcinogens (cancer-causing substances). Heating and other processing methods destroy the EFAs, result in transfats, and can add other harmful chemicals and impurities to the oil.

Always make sure you have the right ratio of Parent Omega-6 to Omega-3 Essential oils (1:1 – 2.5:1).

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